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Stories and Stones

The Fabrick or Feebrick is a prominent landmark in NE Derbyshire from which 5 counties are visible. It is an outcrop of millstone grit which faces over a landscape that… Read More

Uffington – Spine of Albion

Uffington Sunday 31st October 2021 Midday: Sending healing energy along the ancient Spine of Albion to the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow. Angela Shaw and Gail Smalley Many thanks to… Read More


REPORT ON EAST ANGLIAN GATEKEEPER PILGRIMAGES 2020 2020 was an interesting year, as well as a learning experience too. Our Spring Equinox visit to Ely Cathedral had to be cancelled… Read More

Moon in Cancer in Dovedale

The River Dove Ilam is set just inside Staffordshire and nestles below the landmark hills of Dovedale in a wooded vale close to the confluence of the rivers Manifold and… Read More