It is said you cannot judge a book by its cover, and this is certainly true of the amazing megalith stone, destined to be a “Book of Nature”, on which the Gatekeeper butterfly will be carved in Portland’s Tout Quarry.

This megalith holds many aspects and looks different from every side, combining as it does geological time, and the passage of ancient rivers through gullies.

The Gatekeeper stone bears traces of fossilized water on one surface, amber russet ripples, which contrast dramatically with the clean white interior of the stone, cut but not yet carved into the intended book shape.

This ancient relic was selected from the quarry by artist Hannah Sofaer ten years ago for this very position. The Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust has been in existence for 40 years, as has The Gatekeeper Trust. PSQT works in collaboration with many organisations. The interdisciplinary model for exchange of knowledge between disciplines regenerates the earth and people working with it.

The first Ocean stone was adopted by Greenpeace and is dedicated to the protection of the Oceans. The second Wren stone was adopted by St Paul’s Cathedral in 2023, the quarry being the source of stone brought by Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild St Paul’s and 12 City churches using sacred geometry after the Great Fire of London.

The Gatekeeper Trust are very honoured to adopt this stone sentinel of time and place. Could this stone gateway connecting the Memory stone circle to the quarry below be considered a liminal guardian and place of communication with the spirit of place?

Our meeting with the stone on Saturday 17th August will be a time of discovery, exchange and celebration. We hope you will join us.

Angela Shaw – Gatekeeper Trustee

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