Sound in the Landscape

As part of our collaboration on Sunday 5th May 2024, Sound in the Land, our dear Friend Caroline Weatherby has recorded 3 pieces to serve as inspiration for the attunement at mid day which we invite you to take into the landscape as part of your own offering.

Those of you who pilgrimage regularly with Gatekeeper will know that we first seek permission from the kindly luminous beings to enter the landscape and we then thank them for their hospitality as we leave the space at the conclusion of the pilgrimage.

Hitherto that has been a spoken invocation and thanksgiving but Caroline was inspired to put the words to simple music and this is the result - 2 wonderful pieces KLB Part 1 and KLB Part 2 which can be found here:

Kindly Luminous Beings, Part 1:


Kindly Luminous Beings, Part 2:


The third piece is by Mary Benefiel entitled We are Here and is sung by the choral group Anam Cora who many of you will know.

Caroline has amended the words of this piece slightly to accord with our theme of Sound in the Landscape. This piece can be found here, together with the words:


We are truly grateful to Caroline and to Mary and Anam Cora for their support of this collaboration and we hope this will further inspire you as you go out into the landscape on Sunday 5th May.

We are Here by Mary Benefiel

We are here, we are here to receive
We are here, we are here to love
We are here, we are here to connect
We are listening, opening, Listening, opening,
We are here, we are held in the light
We are here with our feet on the ground
We are here with the beat of the earth
We are here with the flow of the land
We are listening, we are opening, listening, opening


Fill our hearts our minds with grace and love
Fill our hearts our minds with grace and love
Fill our hearts our minds with grace and love

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