The Gatekeeper Trust is devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage. It seeks to rediscover the ancient art of pilgrimage as a way of journeying – with an awareness of the sacred nature of our environment. It researches both ancient and modern knowledge about the landscape and shares it through an annual programme of journeys and workshops.


Meeting in person in the landscape!
Gatekeeper Trust Pilgrims’ Day – Saturday 11th September in Avebury: Flowing with the Living Energy of Water – Exploring the Wessex Landscape Grail. Click here for details.
Numbers limited to 30 – early booking recommended (early bird rates before 10/8/21)

Virtual Gatekeeper Trust Conference:
Saturday 20th November 2021 – Save the date!

Our Annual Conference 2020 was held ONLINE – you can watch the video recordings here: “LOVING THE LAND”

We will be sharing various on-line resources through these times to continue our work in the landscape as a collective. Subscribe to the newsletter below to be updated. You can also check in to the Gatekeeper Facebook page.

Wheel of Life

We would love you to join us in the Gatekeeper Wheel of Life Events in pilgrimage and expressive arts.

Conference Videos:

Videos from the talks at our Annual Conferences for the last few years are now available to watch on our website and on YouTube. Click here to watch online.

Gatekeeper Chants CD:

Now available on CD! A selection of chants used on Gatekeeper pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the world is now available from our online shop on CD. Click here for more information and to buy online.

How does pilgrimage help the Earth?

peter-dawkins-clr“The old saying that every pilgrim leaves footprints of light that others might follow and add to, is no idle saying. The Earth can be turned into light through pilgrimage, and there is a science associated with how this is done.

Love is an energy, and all things including ourselves are built out of energy… If our energy is loving, then we affect other energy fields that we touch or move in with that love.

We can both give and receive love, in mutual benefit. In such a way a pilgrim’s relationship with the Earth, with the landscape, can be a love relationship. Just like us, the Earth longs for such love and calls us to love her. The Earth in her love for us helps us towards illumination, and we can help her towards hers. That is the hidden purpose of pilgrimage – the so-called redemption of mankind and Nature, the raising of all to light, wherein Light is the manifestation of Love.”

Peter Dawkins, Elder and co-Founder

    1. Wheel of Life Full Moon Meditation

      Tuesday 21 September
    2. Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

      Wednesday 22 September
    3. Linking with the Listening to the Land Pilgrimage

      Wednesday 22 September - Friday 24 September
    4. Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage to Ely

      Friday 24 September
    5. Annual Conference 2021

      Saturday 20 November