The Zoence Academy -

Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions, and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow. Zoence is a science and art of living in harmony with ourselves, our environment, the planet and the cosmos. Visit the Zoence website for up to date information on courses and events takng place and also on related publications.

The Francis Bacon Research Trust -

Educational charity established to research and make known the life and work of Sir Francis Bacon and of others associated with him, such as Shakespeare, the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and others; and hence to discover a major gateway into the Western Wisdom Tradition. The Trust has its own membership and newsletter, publishes books and articles, and runs an annual programme of seminars, pilgrimages, and other events.

Belinus Line -

An Exploration of Earth Energies and Landscape Mysteries along the Belinus Line. Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare have a keen interest in the mythology and folklore of Britain, pursuing historical research and investigation of earth mysteries, dowsing ancient sites, uncovering lost knowledge and early folklore. Travelling around Britain in exploration of these earth mysteries, they have now written two books, The Spine Of Albion and The Power of Centre and a third book is underway that will complete the trilogy. They offer talks and workshops and run a holistic home healing practise.

British Pilgrimage Trust -

The British Pilgrimage Trust aim to revive the British pilgrimage tradition of making journeys on foot to holy places. They are promoting British pilgrimage as a healthy and inclusive form of spiritual green tourism to new and established markets, global and national.

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British Society of Dowsers -

The British Society of Dowsers exists to encourage the study and knowledge of dowsing in all its forms amongst members and the public. Membership of the Society is open to anyone interested in dowsing, regardless of ability. Dowsing can be used in health and well-being, home and garden, for water divining, archaeological searches, earth mysteries including energy lines and much, much more. It’s a great tool for enhancing your intuition and decision-making abilities.'

David Furlong -

Teachings on a on a variety of themes, including earth energies, soul centred healing and a network of ideas and information helpful to finding inner direction and balance. David offers a coherent training programme for those who wish to develop their healing, psychic and intuitive skills - the gifts of the Spirit.

Dreaming the Land -

Pilgrimages and retreats to explore, rediscover and share the 'Dreaming of Britain', living still in the landscape and found in myth, folktale and song. Also Dadeni, a spirit school for our time, offering a three year course in the mysteries and old ways of Britain.

EarthStars -

All about Chris Street's work, The Earthstars discovery, a huge pattern of sacred geometry linking London's ancient sacred sites in a vast star temple which is an Earthstar Chakra Stargate and and an important part of our Visionary Landscape.

Earth Sky Walks -

Following in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Anthony Thorley and Celia Gunn explore the ancient continuity of connection between slyscape and landscape, between heaven and earth, microcosm and macrocosm and offer access here to a series of rticles and podcasts on their work.

Fountain International -

A global healing network whose goal is the promotion of the natural healing of people and communities through the use of spiritual and earth energies. Based on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed. By tuning-in one's thoughts to an agreed point of focus in one's own community for just a few moments of each day, it is possible to radically improve the health of the community and ultimately, they believe, the health of the world.

George Trevelyan -

George Trevelyan was one of the founders of Gatekeeper in 1980, together with Sir Stanley Messenger, Peter Dawkins and others. This is a wonderful online archive of Sir George Trevelyan's lifework. He planted the seeds of a new spiritual world view. Here you can listen to the magical way he talks about the new humanity, a spiritual regeneration in our land, about spiritual freedom and a rising tide of love which we feel all around us today. A prolific writer, you can also find articles and books which are so relevant today and help to deepen our understanding of the work of Gatekeeper.

GreenSpirit -

GreenSpirit celebrates our place within our living planet Earth. This inspires us to take care of the Earth and all living beings. They create seasonal celebrations, run eco-centred events, have a magazine, publications, local groups and more. GreenSpirit is a registered charity and provides a spiritual home for environmentally-concerned people of all faiths and none.

John Michell Network -

Honouring the work and legacy of John Michell (1933-2009) who was a thinker and writer, an artist and unforgettable personality.Blending scholarship and deep intuition, discover his work here which included: Platonic idealism, sacred geometry, ancient metrology, leys and alignments, megaliths, astro-archaeology, strange phenomena, simulacra, crop circles, UFOs, the Shakespeare authorship controversy, and the nature of human belief.

LifeNet -

A network for mutual inspiration between the Earth and Humanity. a network to help human beings understand the approaching epoch of cosmic change. To find ways to cooperate with Gaia and her elemental worlds in their efforts to sustain and promote life in the forthcoming time of dramatic change and transformation that is today’s reality.

Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids -

OBOD – The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids – is a mystery school, a community around the world, who love nature and want to follow a magical, spiritual way that respects and protects the natural world in all its beauty.

Parallel Community -

A mutual support network and resource for people and groups working to build a new and better world. Founded in 2006 by the late Hamish Millar, one of Britain's best known, most highly respected and certainly best-loved dowsers who believed that by working with each other, a more powerful collective voice will be given to our concerns, and greater results can arise from our efforts.

Marco Pogacnik -

UNESCO Artist for Peace. Art has the capacity to change, to transform and to transmute those conditions in life that do not pulsate in resonance with the universal patterns of love and truth. Marco's main themes are: multidimensionality of the landscape and urban ambience, communication with different facets of nature, the rediscovery of the feminine principle, the present Earth changes and human transformation. He has written a series of books on these themes and leads groups and online energy atunements via lifenet -

Mandy Pullen -

An eco shamanic practitioner providing eco shamanism training and day workshops in eco shamanism - a marriage of our senses and spirit helping to bring spirit into our present lives to achieve a more holistic perception of our world.

R.I.L.K.O. -

Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation is dedicated to studies in patterns – hidden knowledge in myth, legend, number, geometry, art, music, architecture, megalithic structures and the geomantic layout of cities / landscapes.

The Society of Ley Hunters -

The Society exists as a forum for all who are interested in Ley Lines and patterns within the landscape.

Stone Seekers -

Researchers and writers, Peter Knight and Sue Wallace have written a whole series of books on earth mysteries and ancient wisdom. They run StoneSeeker Tours that offers field trips and tours to ancient and beautiful sacred landscapes. Their popular guided tours bring the local history and legends to life and also lead people into a deeper experience of place through meditation, sacred drumming, dowsing and attunements.

The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray -

Martin Gray is an anthropologist and photographer specializing in the study of sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions around the world. This web site discusses Martin's pilgrimage journeys and features many of his photographs and writings,

John Wadsworth -

Through the Kairos School of Astrology, John offers astrological consultations and runs courses in astrology. He runs the Alchemical Journey which he first established with Anthony Thorley, a 12 month tranformational programme, an inventive mix of astrology, alchemy, myth, music, meditation and mystery theatre. This has informed his best-selling book Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Create Happiness, Balance & Wholeness.

World Peace Mission -

Change yourself, change the world. Peace in the heart, peace in the home. Online Talks and Meditations

Charlotte Yonge -

Charlotte offers individual coaching and workshops exploring nature and playful creativity. Nature is our Teacher is a popular day workshop that includes Poetry, Mandala and Song in the landscape - creating sacred spaces for healing - creating your own ley lines in your house and connecting with your local landscape.