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Gatekeeper Sussex

Virgo Moon Pilgrimage, Monday March 9th, 2020 We have restarted local pilgrimage, inspired by two of the talks at the annual conference which you can access on the Gatekeeper website…. Read More

Pilgrimage in the vein of Hieros Gamos

From the Arlingham Peninsula and May Hill converging at St Anthony’s Well in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and a host of merry pilgrims in association… Read More

Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius

Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius St Martin’s in the Fields – St Paul’s, London It may have been a drizzly, dark day outside but there was excitement in… Read More

Patterns in the Landscape

by David Furlong The idea of ‘ley’ alignments is well attested. This article goes one step further and looks at the concept of landscape patterning at a regional and possibly… Read More

Winter Solstice Pilgrimage

Dear Gatekeepers Marion Briggs and I with ten others had a wonderful Solistice event near the main Olympic stadium and the Hanish Kapoor vortex sculpture. Our doing this event originated… Read More