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Walking with the Wye – July 2021

Spring water gathered from St Anthony’s Well, offered to the River Wye This July there is a pilgrimage along the River Wye. People are walking the length of the river… Read More


By Peter Knight On Saturday June 5th 2021, Sue Wallace and Peter Knight (GKT Local Contacts for Wiltshire) facilitated a mindful-shamanic walk across the beautiful rolling hills of Wiltshire (which… Read More

The Solar Cross

The Solar Cross In the name of the Wisdom, and the Love, the Justice, and the Infinite Mercy, of the one eternal Spirit… Amen. This is a powerful method of… Read More

From pillow to pavement pilgrimage

When I wake early and know that any further sleep will elude me, I allow myself to drift off in to London and seek out a pilgrimage to wander through… Read More

The Beginnings of Gatekeeper Trust

by Jehanne Mehta 31st December 2010 Stanley Messenger was, in former years, an expert on butterflies, both British and European, and I think had taken part in a number of… Read More

The Grail Land

The continent of Europe is named after the classical myth of Europa and the Bull. In terms of the landscape, Europa is represented by the British Isles, the Bull by… Read More

Stanley Hall reminiscences and pilgrimage

Back in the early 1980s Baroness Edmee Di Pauli invited Peter Dawkins to hold weekend events in their Elizabethan moated house, Stanley Hall, situated in Essex. For four years, the… Read More