Strengthen through Love

As Gatekeepers we all know how we approach any pilgrimage – with respect, with permission and with care. We also know about the importance of caring for our own sacred temple – our body. Our chakras, each with an individual frequency, are the places which connect to our environment and we are learning each time we pilgrimage about this loving inter-relationship, how we resonate with a sacred site. So it is perhaps useful in these turbulent times to have a reminder about both of these needs to care for, nourish and strengthen ourselves and our landscapes...and of how we can use the Solar Cross to do both.

A suggestion has been described on our website here Wheel of Life Project – Full Moon Meditation with more detail about the Solar Cross here The Solar Cross

Visualisation is an important part of this, as is sacred sounding and dancing. We each learn what suits us. If we want to visualise a particular landscape, maybe a chakra system or a zodiac, some folk use maps to help. In the beautiful photo of these sacred isles, (above) we placed a flower on each chakra. It feels healing just looking at it. Thank you Sarah Dawkins for this idea. Or perhaps we can visualise the Angel of each chakra standing on a Solar Cross and send Love to it as a part of our regular rhythm of meditation? Some will know that Peter Dawkins had a vision of the World Dragon and has written about it for us - Zoence | World Temple landscape temples. Maybe we can include our world in our meditations? By caring, nourishing and strengthening the world and ourselves we are better able to stay steady, orientated in Love.

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