Wheel of Life Project – Full Moon Meditation

As a part of the Wheel Of Life Project, which is dedicated to the healing of the British Zodiac, we invite you to meditate with us on the Full Moon each month as we travel around the wheel of the British Zodiac. (Britain is used to describe both England and Wales.)

Each gatekeeper will be doing this in their own way, having attuned and used their intuition to be guided in what is appropriate at that time and place.

It is understood that when a purpose and vision is shared then it is amplified, strengthened and enhanced. Perhaps we can therefore ask that, as a part of our focus, we remember the Heart of the British Zodiac which we see as the Angel of High Cross who overlights the whole of the British zodiac, and our shared purpose and vision being that of sending our love to the Angel.

Some will be interested in the astrology of the time, others not. What is most important is our loving intention, the opportunity to come together as a community and to send love to the Heart. For those not involved in the Wheel of Life Project, they may like to focus on the Heart Centre of their own landscape.

Each of us will have our own way of meditating, and here are some ideas which may add to your normal practice -

Ideally, we have a regular place where we sit in our homes, or it may be that you prefer to walk outside and have a favourite place where you can be private and quiet. Preparing your sacred space includes having a focus for your meditation, and we usually use a candle. It can be very helpful to use a map of the area and place a candle or candles in the places you wish to especially connect with. Remember to turn off your phones!

Our preparation also includes ourselves. Once settled comfortably, spend some time relaxing at the physical level, perhaps thinking about each part of your body, beginning with your feet, and imagining your body gradually relaxing.

Become aware of your breath, and as you become still, notice the stillness, both within and without. You are then ready to call on the Angel of High Cross, the angels of Britain and all the nature beings of this landscape temple and together you make your Dedication for this Full Moon whilst lighting a candle.

Conscious of the presence of the angels and nature beings with you, imagine a flame or a sun in your Heart, it’s light gradually becoming stronger, more radiant. See the rays of this light extending out beyond your body, out into your landscape. See the landscape of the British Zodiac, and extend your love light outwards filling the whole circle.

To help you, you may like to join with the Angel of High Cross and see yourself as an axis of light, connected to the Sun and all of nature in this sacred landscape temple of Britain. Stand in the axis of the angel, in the column of light, in the Sun’s rays, and see radiant light and love going out across the land as you send out a blessing.

Focus on the Full Moon date and the other gatekeepers within the ‘zodiac’ of this moment. If you know the people dancing or pilgrimaging at this time, be with them, sending them rays of light and love.

Enjoy this blessing, knowing that all of nature is also enjoying the love it generates. To complete your meditation, blow out the candle whilst imagining all the blessings that you are sending out reaching wherever you mentioned in your Dedication.

Gradually withdraw your consciousness from the flame, taking it’s gift with you, and come back to your physical body. When you feel rooted in your body, with your feet firmly on the earth, imagine, using an in-breath, that you are gently pulling your aura back in to become ‘normal’ once again. Repeat, then using the image of the Solar Cross, a circle with a cross inside, place a cross over each chakra, starting with the Crown, going down to the Root, and finishing with the sensitive area at the back of the neck, the Alta Major chakra.

Give thanks to the angels and nature beings. You may also like to protect and strengthen your sacred place by imagining a Solar Cross over it. If you wait, you might find that Nature responds to your prayer...

Take a minute to remember your meditation and ideally write it down. Writing is often a useful experience, helping us to gain more understanding.

Thank you for taking part.

And with thanks to Peter and Sarah Dawkins, Elders and Co-founders of the Gatekeeper Trust, for their inspiration and photos.

Charlotte Yonge and Jane Withers
May, 2021

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