I tread this path, that winds about me Each careful step, a prayer for wisdom I look to let go of those things that serve me not That serve me not I tread this path, and reach the centre A place of peace, a place of stillness I look to gather up all gifts that find me here That find me here I ...
  • Music: Resources for Pilgrimage Walks


    Music:  Resources for Pilgrimage Walks
    Welcome! On this page and the linked page, you will find some songs, chants, prayers and ideas for sounding which have been used on Gatekeeper pilgrimages in the past. They are pointers towards ways of engaging in a deeply rewarding and nourishing way with the land, with nature, with our rivers and seas, with the ...
  • The Lost Words Blessing


    The Lost Words Blessing
    Gratitude to Heather Cowen for sharing this, and who says… “name the things you treasure … it gives them life…this is a Blessing for the Lost Words of our living landscape … perhaps in the naming we may give the beings who live alongside the words something that lives too…?” Enter the wild with care, my love And ...