The Solar Cross

The Solar Cross

In the name of the Wisdom, and the Love,
the Justice, and the Infinite Mercy,
of the one eternal Spirit... Amen.

This is a powerful method of centering ourselves, creating or strengthening our own inner temple within the universe of our own consciousness before a meditation or walk. It can also be visualised as a way of ‘sealing’ or protecting sacred space, including yourself, and your home.

By the end, you are visualising a circle centred in your heart with a cross of light going out from your heart above your head and below your feet, and out to the left and right. It takes practice...

As you say the words, visualise the light and breathe, beginning with an outbreath:

“In the Name...” Focus your consciousness on the Divine Spirit in your heart centre.

“of the Wisdom...” As you breathe in, raise your consciousness to heaven and see a shaft of light stretching up from your heart into the heavens above.

“and the Love...” As you breathe out, lower your consciousness to the earth and see the shaft of light continuing down from your heart deep into the earth below.

“the Justice...” As you breathe in, stretch your consciousness to your left, seeing a horizontal shaft of light reaching out from your heart to your left,

“and the Infinite Mercy...” As you breathe out, stretch your consciousness to your right, seeing a horizontal shaft of light reaching out from your heart to your right

“of the One Eternal” As you breathe in, draw a line of light from beneath your feet, up around your left side, forming half the circle.

“Spirit...” As you breathe out you complete the circle, bringing the light down around your right side to below your feet again.

“A-MEN...” With the “Ahhh” sound, breathe in divine love to fill your heart.

With the “Mennn” sound, breathe out that love as light for the
world, radiating it from your heart and filling your circle with a blazing (i.e. 6- pointed) star of light.

See yourself standing in the centre of your star, radiant and poised.

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