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By Peter Dawkins POLARITIES IN THE BRAIN If you look at any modern research done on the brain functions, as indeed also in older studies, you will see that whilst… Read More

Gatekeeper Sussex

Virgo Moon Pilgrimage, Monday March 9th, 2020 We have restarted local pilgrimage, inspired by two of the talks at the annual conference which you can access on the Gatekeeper website…. Read More

Patterns in the Landscape

by David Furlong The idea of ‘ley’ alignments is well attested. This article goes one step further and looks at the concept of landscape patterning at a regional and possibly… Read More

The Way of the Pilgrim

pilgrims weekend

Pilgrim’s Weekend – Oxford 25 – 26 April 2015 Satish Kumar  – ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar joined Gatekeeper for this year’s Pilgrim’s Weekend, giving an inspiring talk,… Read More

Pilgrimage to Culbone

6 September 2014 The Culbone Inn, A39 Beyond Minehead, Somerset Led by Lucy Wyatt from Gatekeeper and poet Jay Ramsay A wonderful day with Jay leading the group. Twelve of… Read More