Exploration of the nodes on the Belinus and Elen dragon lines and the Michael and Mary lines at this significant energy hub on the Spine of Albion

What a magical weaving of people and place, elements and energies drawn together in the Uffington grail landscape on 7 May 2022.

The 29 attending the Gatekeeper Trust Pilgrims’ Day all contributed to this memorable convergence, adding their presence and their intention as well as their voice to send love and light along the important energy lines which dance around each other in this very sacred and historic place. The day went with flow, and grace, allowing time and space for pilgrims to both learn from the insights shared by the speakers and from the very land.

Gary and Caroline explained the significance of Uffington on many levels. Much of its importance has been largely forgotten over time, whilst the landscape continues to be a cauldron of potential and power. It was fascinating to learn from Gary how the N/S line of kingship was reputedly used in the past, with the blowing stone being sounded in The Manger and huge gatherings of people brought together within this natural sound amphitheater amongst the folds of the dragon embedded in the surrounding hills. Sound vibrations were a key feature of the day.

Gary recalled how he first came to Uffington and the subsequent revelations, journeys and ongoing research with Caroline. We are so grateful to them both for their informal and insightful presentation which echoed the entwining male and female energy lines in the land. Gary and Caroline set this energetic hub in an international as well as British Isles context.

All talks will be available soon in the Friends’ section of the Gatekeeper website for those who could not be there. During the morning the speakers shared their individual pathways to Uffington leading up to this moment in time.

I talked of my 8 year journey from Holding The Light, an art installation at St Michael’s Mount, via the white horses of Wiltshire culminating at the dragon horse. Gathering elements together to facilitate others having their own encounter with place and time is part of my practice. Porcelain horse coins, made by white horse rider and artist Sophy White, were given to each participant as a token of the fellowship of the day, along with a nugget of chalk, to be gifted to the land with the bearer’s own message and loving intent during the afternoon pilgrimage.

Fellow trustee Gail picked up the sound theme with her Tibetan bowl and use of the Aramaic healing prayer which has become the core of her practice in the landscape. Gail’s relationship with the River Avon and previous learnings from the Pilgrims’ weekends at Amesbury and Avebury inspired the trip to Uffington on All Hallows Day, amidst extreme weather conditions (tornedos were recorded passing in a line through Uffington on 31/10/21, ending at the time our simple ceremony started). Gatekeepers may remember Gail’s previous article on this extraordinary day.

It was fitting that this Pilgrims’ Day concluded with another ceremony on Dragon Hill, where St George is reputed to have slain and buried the dragon, and where now voices and sound bowl joined to resonate outward with harmonic and healing vibrations for the good of all.

Angela Shaw
Co-Chair Gatekeeper Trust

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