Uffington – Spine of Albion

Uffington Sunday 31st October 2021 Midday:

Sending healing energy along the ancient Spine of Albion to the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow.

Angela Shaw and Gail Smalley

Many thanks to all who joined us in spirit. Please continue to especially focus healing energy along this line until the end of the Climate Conference. It was quite a challenging, dramatic and simultaneously wonderful and hope-filled day on the ground...

As I am writing this report, I would like first to thank Angela for her wonderful photos, for her knowledge of the area, for her courage and support, for her steadfast commitment and for knowing that she needed to bring her dog Twig along to represent the 4 leggeds, (despite my reservations concerning her somewhat over-enthusiastic behaviour at times, particularly in gale force winds and on uneven ground !!)

For me in Salisbury, the day began and ended in drama, held extraordinarily in the peace and order of the greater loving, nurturing and beautiful net/Spirit. This felt like a theme for the whole day and perhaps for our times....

I set off to collect water from the Avon in the morning, to bring the energy of our healing song and attunements in the Wessex Grail on our Pilgrims’ Day in Avebury - both the birthing and visionary aspects of all the years of engagement. First, I had to drive through a mini flood and then found myself by the river in what felt like a hurricane. The water was troubled, to say the least, moving like a stormy sea and flowing upstream! I felt acutely aware of my own fragility and vulnerability, it was a very humbling experience and felt like an experiential window on climate change...then, as if by way of encouragement, as I arrived home the wind had dropped a little and the sun was breaking through the thick grey clouds and shining on my house. Nonetheless, I set off in some trepidation regarding the state of the roads to Uffington.

By good fortune and despite difficult journeys due to the weather, Angela, Twig and I entered the stunning natural bowl/amphitheatre of the Uffington landscape at exactly mid-day and dropped into ceremony and presence with our surroundings and began our singing and prayers. The wind was blustery and gale force as we approached Dragon Hill and I found I had to climb bending forward, using my hands for support on the muddy water filled steps – another humbling experience. Angela and Twig were behind me somewhere. I couldn’t look round! At the top I asked permission of the landscape angel (and dragons!!?) to enter with my bowl and the Aramaic prayer.

It was the hardest water blessing I have ever done, struggling to maintain my balance crouched down and with my words and sound torn away in the wind. The bubbles, rather than being like champagne, were huge and to one side with the wind. Afterwards, I felt moved to mention various ancestors by name and to ask for their help at this time... as I did so I felt myself almost lifted on a column of energy. I later discovered we were sitting on a node of the Belinus and Elen currents, a 6-pointed star and an energy vortex!

After carefully pouring the water into a dew pond facing north towards Glasgow, I joined Angela again, Twig, who had been quiet and well behaved throughout, despite the proximity of sheep, barked twice as if to have her voice included. (Interesting that we too say, ‘hear, hear’ and not just ‘hear’...) she then bowed down in a classic Downward Dog yoga pose. It was so heart warming and created a great atmosphere of affection and lightness in the stark wildness & drama of the place at that time, it felt like a giant cosmic stage.

As we made our way up to the Uffington White Horse, we turned and saw the sky had cleared and there was a strip of rainbow in the distance pointing up North We did another little ceremony by the eye of the horse, which Angela identified as being on a line with the centre of Dragon Hill and where we had seen the rainbow. We had to wait to do this as there was an affectionate courting couple standing right by the spot. We hoped we were unobtrusive in our hanging abou...t and felt this to be an auspicious sign for the balancing of ying/yang energies and bringing loving harmony.

At lunchtime we did a little reccy of the Fox and Hound pub in preparation for the Uffington Pilgrims’ Day and then visited the extraordinary church of St Mary. This church stands on the crossing of the Mary flow of the Michael alignment and the Elen flow of the Belinus alignment which travels north to Scotland up the Spine of Albion. The church has been built with both an E- W and N-S axis and feels double headed! Each head/body has a different energy. We sent more healing energy from here also. There was a beautiful and striking thick red carpet of Yew berries covering the path in the churchyard. Yew trees symbolise death and resurrection in Celtic culture, so perhaps another auspicious sign of rebirth & nature’s power of renewal - as well as the effect of the strong winds.

Soon after I returned home, I learned the shocking news of the train crash in a tunnel very near where I live. This news came through the WhatsApp messages of a lovely meditation and healing group I am part of. At the same moment, I was just tuning in to a monthly Heartsong livestream of sacred music from around the world. It was a wonderful and holding way to learn of the trauma and we were all able to support each other through messages and send healing energy to all involved. Whilst terrible, as it has transpired, it could have been so much worse. So again, drama and trauma, beauty and healing, the greater holding, the wonder of humans working together for the benefit of all, on and off the ground and extraordinary timings.... Quite a day!

In hope of healing and the highest good. And with love of pilgrimage and water blessings.


Uffington was the starting point for the Listening to the Land Pilgrimage to Glasgow and COP 26



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