• Silver Wheel Pilgrimage


    Silver Wheel Pilgrimage
    GATEKEEPER WHEEL OF LIFE PROJECT AN OVERVIEW OF EVENTS IN THE LANDSCAPES OF CAPRICORN THE INSPIRATION AND QUEST OF CAPRICORN? While we are in the process of shaking our foundations with challenging planetary alignments, let us consolidate our understanding of where, why and how we pilgrimage in our beautiful landscapes and what they reflect to us of our ...
  • Songs, Words & Water Blessings – River Reflections from Salisbury


    Songs, Words & Water Blessings – River Reflections from Salisbury
    The beautiful cathedral city of Salisbury has suffered 2 traumas to her health and wellbeing in just 2 years… It was in response to the first trauma that a fellow gatekeeper friend and I, initially felt moved to start blessing the rivers of Salisbury. An attempt to heal and transform the dark drama of the ...


    KING ALFRED’S LANDSCAPE JOURNEY TO KINGSHIP Report of research and pilgrimage in the Wessex Landscape Temple Was King Alfred one of our ‘sun kings’ who established a kingdom and a language for the European diaspora into Britain? How does such a famous king become a wise ruler and effective educator as our cultural hero? Uncovering the rise ...
  • ‘Guardian of the Good Dream’


    ‘Guardian of the Good Dream’
    FULL MOON MEDITATION ROUND THE BRITISH LANDSCAPE ZODIAC ‘Guardian of the Good Dream’ – CELEBRATING SUN IN CANCER AND MOON IN CAPRICORN As we are questing ‘how can I embody our inner Guardian’, listening to the intuitive insights of Capricorn ‘the consolidator’ of our understanding, we can find inspiration for initiating the form our understanding takes within our ...
  • Sarah writes from Cygnus, the Swan


    Sarah writes from Cygnus, the Swan
    This constellation straddles Capricorn and Aquarius and is in the inner circle of constellations which provide the north pole star over the millennia. The Star Deneb, in the tail of the swan, was once the North Pole star – Arcas in Ursa Minor is the present north pole star. The constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, in ...
  • A New Vision for Gatekeeper


    A New Vision for Gatekeeper
    by Stephen Thomas As Peter Dawkins mentions in his video presentation about the birth of the Gatekeeper Trust, it is important to have a vision if we are to know where we are going and in order to progress consciously and to flourish in our purpose. This applies at all levels of existence – whether it ...


    By Peter Dawkins POLARITIES IN THE BRAIN If you look at any modern research done on the brain functions, as indeed also in older studies, you will see that whilst the left hemisphere is associated with rational thinking, as understood nowadays (i.e. examining, questioning and grasping things in detail), and is the more academic and logical side ...
  • Gatekeeper Sussex


    Gatekeeper Sussex
    Virgo Moon Pilgrimage, Monday March 9th, 2020 We have restarted local pilgrimage, inspired by two of the talks at the annual conference which you can access on the Gatekeeper website. One is by Angharrad Wynne where she talks about caring for our own area through pilgrimage and finding a local tree or grove or well as ...
  • Pilgrimage in the vein of Hieros Gamos


    Pilgrimage in the vein of Hieros Gamos
    From the Arlingham Peninsula and May Hill converging at St Anthony’s Well in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and a host of merry pilgrims in association with the Gatekeeper Trust 2017 Download PDF – Pisces Booklet In 2016, at the time of the Winter Solstice, the compost was deep and dark and still. So still ...
  • Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius


    Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius St Martin’s in the Fields – St Paul’s, London It may have been a drizzly, dark day outside but there was excitement in the air as 8 women met at 12 pm for lunch in The Crypt! We discussed where we had all come from and most of us had ...