• Pilgrimage in the vein of Hieros Gamos


    Pilgrimage in the vein of Hieros Gamos
    From the Arlingham Peninsula and May Hill converging at St Anthony’s Well in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and a host of merry pilgrims in association with the Gatekeeper Trust 2017 Download PDF – Pisces Booklet In 2016, at the time of the Winter Solstice, the compost was deep and dark and still. So still ...
  • Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius


    Wheel of Life Walk, in Sagittarius St Martin’s in the Fields – St Paul’s, London It may have been a drizzly, dark day outside but there was excitement in the air as 8 women met at 12 pm for lunch in The Crypt! We discussed where we had all come from and most of us had ...
  • “Dreaming the Land” – Annual Conference 2018


    We are delighted to announce the speakers at this year’s Annual Conference, “Dreaming the Land” – Working with the Consciousness of Nature, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November 2018. Saturday 24 November 2018: Peter Dawkins – “From the Earth, Light” Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare – “The Power of Centre” Maria Wheatley – “Deep Waters” Helen Sands, Mark Bedford ...
  • Patterns in the Landscape


    Patterns in the Landscape
    by David Furlong The idea of ‘ley’ alignments is well attested. This article goes one step further and looks at the concept of landscape patterning at a regional and possibly national level that links primary sites in the southern area of England. The six locations included in this study are Glastonbury Tor, the Cistercian abbey of ...
  • The Way of the Pilgrim


    The Way of the Pilgrim
    Pilgrim’s Weekend – Oxford 25 – 26 April 2015 Satish Kumar  – ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar joined Gatekeeper for this year’s Pilgrim’s Weekend, giving an inspiring talk, filled with insights, some parts of which are summarised here. He gave renewed direction to the Gatekeeper Trust and its role in helping us reclaim true connection with ...
  • Pilgrimage to Culbone


    Pilgrimage to Culbone
    6 September 2014 The Culbone Inn, A39 Beyond Minehead, Somerset Led by Lucy Wyatt from Gatekeeper and poet Jay Ramsay A wonderful day with Jay leading the group. Twelve of us set off for Culbone church from the lane at the top near the Culbone Inn. Just as we began our descent at the top of the path, ...
  • A Pilgrimage through Sound


    A Pilgrimage through Sound
    Sounding Cov by Sara McCarthy Article from Gatekeeper Magazine issue #28 Download for free by clicking here: Sounding Cov
  • Telling the Land


    Telling the Land
    Eric Maddern spoke at the Annual Conference 2014, telling some stories as part of his talk and in the pub in the evening! Here is an article that contains some of what he shared with us
  • Jeremy Rye


    Jeremy Rye
    From the Gatekeeper Trust Annual Conference 2014, ‘Urban Pilgrim’, in Pewsey, Wiltshire 29-30 November 2014 Jeremy Rye’s talk at the Annual Conference included some interesting quotes that have served him well as he explores the London landscape. Jeremy has kindly made these available in the document below, with some notes to place the quote into context. His talk explored how ...
  • Pilgrim’s Guidelines


    Pilgrim's Guidelines
    A pilgrimage is an expression of love and harmony between oneself and the landscape. Awareness of the purpose of the pilgrimage is essential, i.e. why are you doing the pilgrimage? This should take into consideration the need of the particular landscape you are entering, and the need of the group. Be clear with the group what this ...