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Full Moon Meditation – Capricorn / Cancer

27/12/2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

MEMORY THEATRES OF CAPRICORN - our inheritance from the ‘blueprint’ in
the land on the Cusp with AQUARIUS

The Cotswold Circle (David Furlong Http://www.david furlong.co.uk/Avebury.htm:

Image: Marlborough Downs with two circles centred on Temple Farm.
This is also measured with the dimensions of the Great Pyramid whose ‘Kings Chamber’ centres on Temple Farm. (David Furlong: The landscape circles of the Marlborough Downs’: http://www.davidfurlong.co.uk/keys_intro3.htm)

David Furlong is one of our long-term Gatekeeper contributors. ‘merlinesque’ measurements of landscape sanctuaries. The precision of his Marlborough Downs temple relates to ancient the geometry laid down by Egyptians. It constitutes the oldest ‘memory theatre’ records which underpin our landscapes in Britain On his web page he includes a ‘statistical analysis’ option – so that we can be as precise in our measurements as possible. The landscape sanctuaries are where scientists and mystics meet, and they form a major part of the research upon which the Gatekeeper Trust is working.

Temple Farm and the Egyptian connection:

Wiltshire Council history page gives the following information for Temple farm:

"Temple Rockley and Clatford both have monastic associations. The former, now represented by the remote Top Temple Farm, was owned by the Knights Templars from the mid-twelfth century until 1308. They established a community, known as a preceptory, on the estate, which perhaps lay near the herepath at The Beeches, where a Medieval rubbish pit was excavated in 1949. An enormous sarsen in Temple Bottom nearby has been artificially hollowed out to contain liquid, and is locally (and just possibly correctly) known as the Templar’s Bath."

Ref: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/community/getconcise.php?id=185

Conclusion: A ‘Merlyn’s Hat’ above the Capricorn Zodiac, is yet another extension of the ‘memory theatre’ which includes all the pattern of Pre-Reformation churches in the Pewsey Valley, which Anthony Thorley measured to match the major constellations of the Milky Way. Hence ‘Milk Hill’ takes its name as a memory theatre for the stars of the ‘heavenly causeway’. Medieval and earlier Neolithic cultures honoured the star formations for spiritual purposes over millennia. Anthony relates his interpretation of this tradition as having roots in the Egyptian Goddess Cult, where Nut herself mediates between the stars and life on earth.

MEDITATION THEME: CAPRICORN symbol for ‘the initiator and consolidator’.

The quest is: how can I play the role of an initiator, Consolidator and incubator of new seed wisdom in the new year? At the end of the year, seed insights are formed and these follow a new cycle of unfoldment. What is the ‘blueprint’ for life on earth?

As a planet spins and revolves around the sun as it does this, all life on the planet becomes part of its action. The ‘blueprint’ of cycles, spInning and revolving is at the heart of Natural Wisdom of growth and the formation of seed cycles within the human psyche. This generates consciousness like a light bulb when the human spirit of intent and dedication enter the living ecologies on the planet.

CANCER is our intuitive responder, and as the ‘guardian’ of sacred space, temples and grails of emerging life forms, this ‘mothering’ heart protector provides us with answers to incubation and consolidation of vision: The Cancerian quest is: How can I provide good boundaries for my seed vision of light and love?


Uploading the ancient art of creating memory theatre in the landscape: ‘The memory theatre of the third eye is another term for a landscape zodiac within which we envisage the imaginal world of the star map archetypes, which some can actually see with their third eye.’ (Anthony Thorley)

The ‘magician’ within us transforms our world through memory theatre, and a recreation of mythologies of the landscape. Merlin in myth represents this archetypal magician, and in our Wiltshire landscape, we find the pyramidal ‘hat’ of creativity at the crown of the Avon River ‘grail’.

This Pyramid one of David’s most brilliant discoveries, found is at the top of the ‘Capricorn’ zodiac researched by Anthony Thorley and a small group of researcher-pilgrims in 2004.

Merlin represents our intuitive, magical and visionary ‘seer’ within us. How can we ‘see’ into the future and warm up a new seed of life for Gaia?

[Capricorn zodiac ‘work in progress’]

What is the ‘blueprint’ of our planet? Capricorn is like a custodian of that blueprint of our future ahead. As a turning, spinning planet, Earth is a living and evolving spiritual event in the universe, producing amazingly diverse and beautiful ecologies which are a part of our physical incarnation. Therefore every day we are also turning, spinning and cycling through the living energies of our bodies’ eco-systems, our environment and homes, and others in our everyday environment. This is a dance of water sprites within our blood, with the sun’s fire in our hearts, the winds of change pulling us through ever new experiences, the rocks holding our feet with gravity and certainty..


As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations we are gather the seeds of our work. These seeding articles began in 2016 as we formed the ‘Wheel of Life Project’. For a recap of our ‘first fruits’ in the ‘wheel of life’ of Britain, see our newsletter for 2019: https://gatekeeper.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/WOL-6-newsletter-Nov-2019_compressed.pdf

‘The 'memory theatre' of the third eye is another term for a landscape zodiac within which we envisage the imaginal world of the star map archetypes, which some can actually see with their third eye.’ [Anthony Thorley]


Avebury and the Michael Line linking to Bury St Edmunds in one direction, Glastonbury, Dartmoor (Belstone Nine Maidens), Bodmin Moor (Hurlers) in the SW direction. The links are also strongly related to the Milky Way route through these zodiacs. It is another memory field through to Egyptian, Phoenician and other early cosmologies.

Bury St Edmunds terrestrial zodiac is also connected to a line of terrestrial zodiacs: Avebury and the Wiltshire ‘Capricorn’ zodiac, Glastonbury, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin zodiacs and those in Lands End.

The Michael and Mary Line follows the central diagonal alignment through the ‘Vesica Pisces’. Capricorn is in the NW area, its nose is probably involved in the Michael and Mary Line.

CAPRICORN: The head and neck of a goat facing west, with a single horn pointing towards the zodiacal centre. The underside of the neck and head are formed by tracks and parish boundaries, whilst the top of the neck and east side of the horn are marked out by the River Linnet. The rest of the horn down to Ickworth Park (where the Linnet rises) is formed by a parish boundary following the edges (formerly) of Dairy Wood and Twist Wood. This figure has St. Nicholas’s church, Little Saxham, on its snout, and a large moat at Dairy Farm for an eye. On the neck, Westley has two churches, but one is modern. The other, now in ruins, was dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket. A continuation of the neck eastwards across the developed area of Bury is possible, ending in a classic sea-goats tail at Great Barton, but this would result in a totally disproportionate body. However, the topographical evidence for a sea-goat is still very strong. A number of Roman wells has been discovered near Westley. Further east, the body would contain the exceedingly ancient Tayfen Meadows. Just NE of Bury are some bodies of water, which, on the modern map, look like present-day reservoirs; but on 18th and 19th century maps they are called the ‘Mermaid’s Pits’. Where the tail is formed at Barton is an ancient well. Coupled with this, just outside Bury’s north gate is the site of the Thinghowe, from which the Hundred derived its name’. [Michael W. Burgess 1978.]


Prison at Princetown no longer operates, but the idea of readjusting our behaviour retrospectively may be the way as we prepare for the birth of a new vision.

These zodiacs have a deep root to Egyptian Anubis the guardian of souls in the underworld: at Glastonbury the ‘Girt Dog of Lamport’, in the Wiltshire ‘Capricorn zodiac’ the Black dog village is found near to Cley Hill, the ‘alta major’ chakra of King Alfred’s Wessex temple. Thus we find place-names referring to a gateway to a terrestrial zodiac, and the beginning of a ‘spiritual history’ in the memory theatres around us.


Through illustrative communication we can build upon the ancient memories and create new ones. Several key sanctuaries encircle Oxford City where impressive henges and mounts have been discovered stretching E-W through and underneath the ‘memory theatre’ of Oxford University buildings: the still powerful memory theatres of the imaginal world below lie under the Kendrew Quadrangle, Keble College and other modern ‘sanctified’ buildings that enable human potential to become realised. Who said these early circular theatres are defunct?

Artist’s interpretation of the large henge discovered under the Kendrew Quadrangle, Keble College, with the line of smaller mounds and henges extending into Cathedral Fields. There we have evidence that the ‘significance’ of our University City is rooted in the oldest of neolithic cultures of earth rituals and gatherings. The MEMORY THEATRES of the landscape never went away, but morphed through time with the creative fires of new cultures. Still the land supports all the intellectual ‘prowess’ of our academics and scientists. https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=20196

Wittenden Clumps ‘Round Hill’ associated with the Michael Line.By Jonathan Bowen - Original digital photograph, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=820992

Strictly speaking, the name Wittenham Clumps refers to the wooded summits of these hills, which are themselves more properly referred to as the Sinodun Hills, the name Sinodun deriving from Celtic, Seno-Dunum, meaning 'Old Fort'.[Wiki].


Devils’ Quoits [By Chris Brown, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=76918442]

St Michael’s Church Easton, Stanton Harcourt


Once the pre-Roman cultures had established their stone sanctuaries, the Christian impulse of the age of Pisces began recycling both Neolithic and Roman stone building blocks, into new temples.


Aquarius is a creative ‘visionary’ sign that enables many past memories to be recreated and celebrated. As Capricorn ‘the initiator’ sits close by, artists are building scenarios with which to enact a modern memory theatre, celebrating the spirit of the land.

‘TOUT QUARRY MEMORY STONES’ PROJECT introduces modern education through the arts and history. Portland stone helped to build our cathedrals and iconic buildings, thus we honour history and culture, by reimaging the ‘memory theatres’ of our landscapes.

The memory theatre of ancient sanctuaries carry ‘imaginal world’ symbolic narratives, star maps are constructed to mirror the skies. These can be decoded when we walk and sensitise ourselves to the vibrating energy of the subtle environment, and begin to retell the narratives.

Gary Biltcliffe’s book has more magnificent details:’Mysterious Portland: Revealing the Sacred Landscape and Legacy of Britain's Masonic Isle’ (on Amazon).

Gary’s image of Portland shows the image of a Vesica Pisces - the ‘third eye’ symbol pointing to its role as an emergent creative centre of new discovery through ‘Stone Memories’ and its Phoenician and later contributors. One alignment is the Rufus Line coming from the place in the New Forest where he died, and aligning with Chertsey Abbey and Primrose Hill in London. On the way it crosses the St George Line from Windsor Castle.

The Rufus Line through St Catherine\s Hill

The Rufus Line through Chertsey Aabbey and on to Primrose Hill.

Tout Quarry Sculpture Park by Mike Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Modern Standing Stone with a view to Tout Quarry Sculpture Park by Mike Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Modern Stone Circle – triggering new memories, educating for the Age of Aquarius?

Easton, Tout Quarry Sculpture Park by Mike Faherty, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

See also: https://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/ancient-sites/spirit-of-portland-revelations-of-a-sacred-isle-by-gary-biltcliffe/

MODERN MEMORY THEATRE - the third eye in action:

‘Memory Stones’ with a modern interpretation, are intended to honour the land, the history of stones taken for iconic buildings down the ages and to raise awareness of the stories within stone in the landscape. Portland stone has been used down the ages for buildings of special significance, such at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. New memories added to the stone still left in Tout Quarry have been created by a group of artists. Guided tours and presentations are offered as well as walks through the paths of the quarry. The site is now also a Nature Reserve.

As part of our ‘view ahead’, the Gatekeeper Trust has been given the opportunity to have its butterfly logo carved on one of these standing stone ‘gateways to the past and future’.

Please contact the secretary if you would like to contribute to this project, where ancient and modern overlap. Our research includes the work of Gary Biltcliffe’s (book: ) who discovered evidence of the Phoenician navigators along this South Coast were: [quote].

The blueprint for Capricorn, the CONSOLIDATOR AND INITIATOR within us, invites us to begin activating the ‘vision seed’ of our individual light within our hearts. For the first few months of the new year, we incubate and nurture our inner SEED LIGHT so that it unfolds our unique petals of creativity with solutions for our challenging transition into the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

THE AGE OF INDIVIDUALITY, DIVERSITY, AND COLLABORATION, builds on the ancient ‘star worship’ of the Egyptians whose goddess NUT feeds all souls with her starlight. Here is an ancient root-wisdom for our Milky Way devotional pllgrimage:

Nut is depicted supporting the Sky with her back, her body was covered with stars, and stories tell how each evening the sun entered the mouth of Nut and passed through her body, so that it was born each morning out of her womb. [Image courtesy of GoldenMeadows. Public Domain.]

As our star studied bodies are a constellation of ecologies and energy centres, we are an integral part of a very beautiful planet which turns and spins, and gives us her blueprint to be like the sea waves curling, and the fire of generativity, heatingthe fires love and fiery hope, to be like the wind of changes, moving through the earth, and to be firm like the rocks beneath our feet. Our starlight is reborn within every minute of time.


Editors: Charlotte Yonge, and Rose Williams, December 2023.


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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