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Full Moon Meditation – 25th January

Thursday 25 January


At noon

Portland Project – Creating new Stone Circles and walkways in the old quarry – celebrating their history through arts in the landscape – the special role of offshore islands: St Michael’s Mount, Holy Island and Portland.

The Gully Stone – all foundations enable a new outreach.

AQUARIUS – the Truth Seeker with creative diversity, collaborative rebuilding using foundation stones from the previous age – our quest for foundations laid by the previous ages.

A New Year and the foundations of a new Great Age of 25,000 years, has begun with apparent intensified planetary disruptions. However, within our psyche we have the creative skills to inaugurate new initiatives.

Ancient cultures placed the wheel of the seasons at the centre of their spirituality.

King Arthur’s Round Table inspired attempts at democracy and collaboration of ‘honourable knights’ – we find them within us. We can now activate our inner ‘seed cycle’ of transformation, and surrender to the cycles of creativity from deep within.

The Visioning Game; Cycles and seasons of creative vision. (graphics by Peter Dawkins and Caroline Danby) – each of the 12 sections represent stages of manifesting our soul vision.
The Shield, Spear, Sword and Stone represent the transitional the challenges we face. After preparation, we serve our fellow humans and transform our hearts desire into love-in-action. See also: Peter Dawkins’ solar wheel of time cycles, seasons and festivals, a model for creative and geomantic pilgrimage. [https://www.zoence.co.uk/time-cycles]

Montage/mandala of Gatekeeper Trust Pilgrim’s weekend at Poulstone Court, 2021 with Fiona Hopes and David Furlong.
The group’s experience captured the spirit of place, and our art reflects the sculptures and sanctuaries down the ages at Abbey Dore, Golden Valley, Herefordshire.

Astrologers tell us that the year 2023 just passed was the true start of the Age of Aquarius, and Peter Dawkins calculates that a new Great Age is also beginning.

The great age takes around 25,000 years. … a new one begins on the foundations of the ‘seed insights’ we have created in Gatekeeper’s 40-year period.

It is built upon the foundations of the previous age just past. As Peter Dawkins explains, the ‘guardian stone’ sits outside a stone circle, and represents our ‘inner witness’ before an energy event. Now we as a trust are adopting a Portland sarsen stone outside the artists’ stone circle. This creates a foundation as we bring our arts into the new circle on August 17th this year.

Portland Artists’ project fulfills a vision of the ‘PURE POET’ of Cygnus, and mirrors the ‘Cygnus’ landscape of Peter and Sarah Dawkins’ research in Warwickshire: See report by Sarah: https://gatekeeper.org.uk/2020/06/sarah-writes-from-cygnus-the-swan/

Here are details of the different Portland stones and their individual functions: https://www.portlandtourism.co.uk/uploads/3/7/6/6/37661595/memory_stones.pdf


The installment is ‘an homage to the environment’

Twelve giant stones weighing 250 tonnes have been unveiled as part of a bid to raise awareness of the environment.

The Memory Stones at Portland, Dorset, have been positioned for the sun to cast shadows throughout the year, marking the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices.
The stones overlook Tout Quarry and the wider Quarry Park.
Local artist Hannah Solfaer worked with Greenpeace on the Ocean Stone.

What are the foundations of a new Great Age, and what needs to dissolved away? A step soon to be taken by Gatekeeper Trust, is to adopt a sarsen stone which stands at a ‘gateway’ position outside the circle. It will have our logo carved upon it, representing the role of the

How do we honour the new Great Age by revealing and enlightening our understanding of its foundations?

The planet is currently in the throes of evolving a more sustainable version of civilization, one that will be profoundly shaped by Knowledge. It will not be “new” knowledge, it’s a version of knowledge known since the dawn of human civilization. In fact, it is the knowledge that was responsible for the origin of civilization. It’s not worldly knowledge, in fact it’s “other worldly” knowledge. It is the knowledge of “who we really are.” Brue Lipton

We do know that old structures need replacing, Pluto in Aquarius is asking us to dig up our deepest values and put them into action creatively and collaboratively, at the same time as dissolving the old structures of politics, economies and agriculture.

Examples of new initiatives involve ‘regenerative’ innovative arts, farming practices and home gardening ‘Gardens of Hope’ that reassure us that our own SEED CYCLE is following an internal season of regeneration and comosting.

This feels a welcome certainty to many, while others may be in sheer panic and terror having built their dependency on the ‘tried and tests’ forms.

MEGALITHIC STONE AGE FOUNDATIONS - THE STONES AND HENGES – examples of foundations laid in the distant past, the last 27,000 year Great Age.

One of the foundations is in our Cities, which came about through earth and stone ritual landscapes: many henges and barrows underpin our cultural forms and communications. One city in particular is Oxford. Another Canterbury. And both are equidistant to the London Stone, near St Paul’s Cathedral..


The landscape angels where we live, are a resource of energy, inspiration and empowerment. We open inner gateways of communication with the angelic kingdom when we are aware of wholeness, grounded in our ‘felt sense’ or somatic awareness.

WHOLENESS – we are all magicians, tapping into the cosmic creativity that seeps through our ‘felt sense’ of wholeness. This seeping brings new inspiration and sets up invisible lines of connectivity, the synchronicity that we experience.

Contributing to the ‘wholeness of a city’: Peter Dawkins’ artwork captures symmetry between ancient sanctuaries underpinning our cities. ‘The Rose Centres’ of London in which geometry links cities – Cambridge with Brighton, Canterbury and Oxford. They are each equidistant from the centre of London (Caer Troia, ‘new Troy’). Thus this artwork captures a sense of the ‘angel’ of a city, it encapsulates its wholeness as an ongoing relationship with its heart, to surrounding cities. This is with geometric measurements, equidistant dialectic of orientation. A spiritual tradition can ‘intend’ wholeness, inspiring stone masons, architects, bishops and artistic players, which brings out the creation of exacting distances in the landscape: or the harmonious ‘dream of heaven’.


The ‘Rufus Line’ links Portland with St Catherine’s Hill. Chertsey Abbey and Primrose Hill in London, with its White Hill (The Tower of London), Wollwich and Richmond mounds.

SOME LONDON MOUNDS: Primrose Hill, the ‘White Tower of Caer Troyia’ (Tower of London), King Henry’s mount in Richmond Park, site of an ancient barrow, Woodwich, Greenwich, and Parliament Hill at Hampstead.
These align with Portland through the Rufus Line:

FROM WINCHESTER – {Sarsen Stone circle at Twyford, St Catherine’s Wheel, the ‘Mount’ (possible site of the Roman Temple of Concord} in the Cathedral precinct, and landscape connections to Old Winchester Hill.


‘There is also a church which used to be linked to Winchester Cathedral at this site. But it does lead up to the northeastern cliff range, going through the Grove Borstal. There was a stone circle on this site before the present building was put up. The line then crosses Weymouth Bay to St. Oswald's Bay, part way between Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. (For those interested in alignments, there is The Alignment erected by Christine Fox in the Tout Sculpture Park, at the top of Portland Heights. Erected in 1983, this consists of a series of steps snaking through the old quarry finally reaching the cliff top where a row of stones align directly with both the famous giant of Cerne Abbas and St. George's Church on Portland Island.)

… it crosses another line, the St. George line at right angles. The St. George line comes down from the round tower at Windsor Castle, (Grid Ref: 7700,9700) through Magna Carta Island in Runnymede (Grid Ref: 7285,0000), through Chertsey Abbey (Grid Ref: 6695,0024) to St. George's Hill, Weybridge (Grid Ref: 6225,0800).

It was on this last hill on April 1st, 1649 that Gerrard Winstanley and the Diggers began digging as a symbolic assumption of the common ownership of land. In Walton parish church it had been declared that Sabbath, tithes, ministers, magistrates and the Bible were all abolished. A general invitation was issued inviting people to join the community. This was the most radical movement of the English Revolution whereby the poor and landless asserted themselves in abolishing private property. Gerrard Winstanley wrote The New Law of Freedom, putting forward ideas of communism. This movement was crushed by Easter 1650, by the Commonwealth. The hill got its name from the fact that St. George's Chapel could be seen from the top (in the days before trees were planted). A trip was made to St. George's Hill on April 23rd 1992. [see sketches above:

CONNECTING TO ‘CYGNUS OF THE SOUTH’, ABBOTSBURY – on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius – Portland represents its head, connected by a sand spit, its ‘neck’ or throat chakra. Rufus built his castle on the island, now since replaced.


TENANTS HILL –is this the ’heart’ chakra of Cygnus near ABBOTSBURY CASTLE -

The lore of Gary Biltcliffe’s ‘BELINUS LINE’ begins in this sacred landscape of Southern Britain. See his book ‘The Spine of Albion’.
‘The Belinus Line begins its journey on the south coast of mainland Britain by the Meon Estuary. I later encountered this name in England’s central county of Warwickshire where the line passes by Meon Hill. Meon is the ancient British word for ‘middle’. John Michell refers to other related names at the centre of other countries such as Meonenim in the Holy Land, Myon in France, Milan in Italy, anciently known as Mediolanum, and Midhe or Meath, the central province of Ireland. In the north of England, the proximity of the Belinus Line, passing close to two geographical centres of Britain, further suggests that it is a middle axis.’

Later, in his book book ‘The Spirit of Portland’, Gary Bilcliffe suggests it could have been seen as part of the natural science and symbolic importance of the outlying ‘sacred’ islands in the British Isles: St Michael’s Mount and Lindisfarne being key areas of recognised significance.


These islands may be connected to a theory of the ‘sun stone’ lying outside a stone circle, which is speculated initiates the ceremony within the circle. Peter Dawkins amongst others suggest the alchemical role of this stone is in leading earth energies into the ritual centre, and perhaps out again. Furthermore, as a initiatory position, this stone would perhaps be a ‘transmitting’ focal point for disseminating ‘fertile light’ energy into the larger landscape. In Peter’s view, such ceremonial structures serve as focal points landscape angels, which connect across the landscape, barrows, ancient temples, stone circle to circle, generating ‘fertilising’ life force to the surrounding growth cycles of agriculture and cultures.

As an island Portland’s symbolic significance is becoming well known. As a contributor to the project Gatekeeper are adopting a ‘guardian stone’ outside the circle. We hope it represents the building a foundation for a new age, and an accessible inspiration for us all.

ASTROLOGICAL ‘STAR MAPS OF THE LANDSCAPE’ - THE GREY MARE BURIAL MOUND: Near Abbotbury and a large Megalithic Ceremonial landscape between 4000-2,200 yrs bc, researched by Gatekeeper Roma Harding’s whose concept of a ‘Southern Cygnu’ puts this ‘Grey Mare’ near to the ‘heart chakra’ of the ‘swan’, leading to the throat, brow and crown of Portland.

[Screenshot from ‘Digging for Britain’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001ttqp/digging-for-britain-series-11-5-3000yearold-shoes-and-giant-axeheads]


Henge-circles of friendship and pilgrimage
henge-circles of individual healing, wholing, sovereignty,
henge-circles of collaborative regeneration, wholing our landscape, reconnecting with the wisdom of the ages

WHAT IS OUR ROLE IN THE LORE OF THE ‘GUARDIAN’ STONE – outside the stone circle, you could find the ‘sun-stone’ which initiates or focuses the energy that flows from infinity (the sun behind the sun of our soul’s journey) into the sanctuary of the circle of life. Linking to natural energy relative to other sanctuaries and networks, the surrounding landscape is a living, growing entity and fertilized by the ritual circle.

We are all guardian stones, watching and initiating the inpouring energy into the rituals of life, or the cycles of growth, or the seeds of vision and new life.

‘The Seed Cycle’ (Michele Bouvois)

IN THE PARADIGM OF A NEW GREAT AGE, THE STARTING POINT IS OUR OWN STAR SELVES WITHIN: Our iindividiual spacious cosmic centre, gives a seed of light to our world, birthing the magical process of incarnation, and the magic and wonder of it all is what we discover on the journey into the spirit of place and our ancestor gateways to greater light and love.

Editors: Charlotte Yonge and Rose Williams, 2023


Thursday 25 January
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