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Full Moon Meditation – 24th February

Saturday 24 February


Cadir Idris [ Wikipedia].

In our pilgrimages we are learning talking to angels within our cultural wisdoms hidden in our landscape. Traces of deep intuitive engagement with a Universal presence, which the symbolic Pisces gateway represents, underpins the Gwynedd landscape.

The creative reservoir of ancestor-talk contains a message to our own inner cosmos, and spiritual presence, as they raised their consciousness up into the universes above.

‘The Pleides’ in Gwynedd, (Hugh Evans) a language of joy and recognition captured with creative technology – including the position of Cadir Idris – (screenshot courtesy Hugh Evans – ‘The Orgins of the Zodiac’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqpPq2K0FAk)

Pisces represents our unfathomable hyper-dimensional Self within as we reach out to the angels of our landscape. Our creativity encapsulates our creative rapport with the timeless resonances of our reality, and forms an entirely new dialogue with the core of ourselves.

‘Learning to talk to angels is really learning to talk to ourselves and with eaCh other in new and profoundly deeper ways. It is learning how to communicate with our universe more openly and how to be more in tune with our role as co-creators and participate in its evolution. To communicate with angels really requires a particular attitude of wholeness towards life, others and ourselves. It requires a joyful enlargement of our view of reality, a readiness to be open to ourselves and our environments, a conscious movement to embrace our own wholeness.’ Dorothy Maclean.

In our own ‘cultural angel’ of Britain, the dialogues of love-wisdom of many races are kept holy, and their memory encoded in ever-evolving languages within the elements of the stones, hills, soils and remains of living beings.

In the highly creative research of Hugh Evans, he decodes the Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian roots of language and number. He invites us into a new dimension of cultural resonance with the Great Ages of 25,000 yr cycles, just at this time of the start of a new great cycle of time.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for the Pleiades is three numbers for a thousand and a str: Tri, mil and seren in Welsh’ (p.141). Tri also means the Hermetic trinity and Trig a stay or a fixed state.’ And he elaborates the roots words: Pleid means ‘belonging to a group;. Plieiniod is light, radiation, and Pleith is a broaid or wreath: a ring or group of bright starts’ … the ‘Seven Sisters’.

Snowdon ‘The Place of the Eagles’ identified by Hugh Evans.
(image from Wikipedia)
Eyri – the Eagles. ‘the Watchers of Time, the three rings…’(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqpPq2K0FAk)

The landscape zodiac depicts ‘The Epic of Creation’: Where the ecliptic meets the Milky Way (Awen):
Er Rhi Rhys ‘On account of the chief courses…’ The three rings of Time?
Weyl means ‘an order, a method, a watch’. The Erylri are the Watchers, the time keepers. They were the original Time Lords.’ The Eagles of Snowdon.

Hugh Evans - the Celestial spheres and Civilisation.

Tomen y Mur [Roman Fort] was built to control local tribes in AD78 - (“the mound on the wall”), ‘a Roman fort and amphitheatre in Snowdonia national park, which sits beside a crossing of four Roman roads’. ‘Tomen y Mur is identified with the legendary palace of Mur Castell in The Mabinogion…’ Evans describes his own walk in these mountains, and how the names reflected the mythology of Llew (lion, hero, light/place, lay) “Lew Law Gyffes slain by his wife’s lover” in the Mabinogion, and the archetypal story involving nearby the mountain Crag-yTan is Ty-Llwy ‘dwelling of the pallid, sick Llew”. He embodies the stories as an imperative link to the ages of cultural wisdom that invented languages destined for the coming new eras of the human psyche.

Bardsey Island, (Ynys Enlli, known as the legendary "Island of 20,000 Saints") - at the end of the Lleyn Peninsular. Evans explores the evidence for it representing the Milky Way:

(p.40) ‘There is an ancient Hill Fort at Dinas Dinlie and a dead straight road starting at a deserted place called Rhyd y Meirch, ‘straight of the Druids’, aligned with the Milky way rising verticay out if tge sea, /dubas /dubekke neabs ;duvube cutadek, Half way down this straight road is Ty’n Mwd, which translates as ‘homae of the vaulted ceiling’: might this eqquuate to the Milky Way? He suggests that the Christian churches were positioned at previous sacred sites, gathering places of the Druids, which may have been originally dedicated when the time the Star Maps were created.’ Here the local people gathered at festival times ‘ordained by the Druids’…. An indication, he says, of how the original star maps were positioned.

Wiki: Bardsey Island (Welsh: Ynys Enlli), known as the legendary "Island of 20,000 Saints", is located 1.9 miles (3.1 km) off the Llŷn Peninsula in the Welsh county of Gwynedd.[2] The Welsh name means "The Island in the Currents", while its English name refers to the "Island of the Bards…

Were the ‘currents’ in its original name an indicator of the ‘Milky Way’ constellations which may have looked like ‘currents of light’ passing over the heavens.

Dinas Emrys: Dinas Affaraon or Dinas Ffaraon is a placename mentioned in some medieval Welsh literature, where it is said to be the original name of Dinas Emrys. Dinas Ffaraon (Fortress of Pharaoh) or Dinas Ffaraon Dande (Fortress of Fiery Pharaoh) is mentioned in the tale "Lludd and Llefelys" as the place where King Lludd of Britain traps and buries two dragons who are ravaging the land. The text explains that the site was later named "Dinas Emreis".[11] This tale is a prequel to the older story involving the hero Emrys (Ambrosius Aurelianus) or Myrddin Emrys (Merlin)

Snowdon and Dinas Emrys – Dave Roberts ‘Walk Eye’ https://www.walkupsnowdon.co.uk/snowdonia-walks/easy-walks-in-snowdonia-dinas-emrys-and-cwm-y-bleiddiaid/.

Graham Robb’s research: The magical line, between . Dinas Emrys the site of the battle of two dragons, and Oxford, relates to a rhumb line and the Great Circle…

Graham Robb “The Ancient Paths’ (p.296): Rhumb Line and Great Circle – on the line between Dinas Emrys and Oxford, intersected by Middlet. Did Druidic seers/sacred mathematicians calculate their paths along the planetary dimensions? In which case, were the Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian wisdom traditions linked as Hugh Evans suggests, held the knowledge a premeditated ‘Great Age’ span of 25,000 years linked to Sirius?


In ‘The Ancient Paths’ Graham Robb’s measurements reveal CELTIC sacred geometry connecting Dinas Emrys with Oxford – the Celtic Opidum - in the centre and and extending over Britain.

Dragon Solstice lines (Robb, p.296).

(Robb, Longitudinal lines connecting to Europe.

The solar network of early Christianity using the co-ordinates of early Christian Sites: (Screenshot from Robb, p.282)

The four royal roads – creating geometric shapes found in Celtic jewelry. (Screenshot, Robb p.240)

THE DRUIDIC MYSTICS AND THE ORIGINS OF WRITTEN LANGUAGE (Language of the ‘Caer Siddi’ – ‘revolving castles’ or star maps encoded on earth.

The star maps of Gwynedd, connecting to archaic languages of Ancient Egypt and Bablylonia, draw us right here into the landscape zodiac of Gwynedd, and the ‘timelords’ of the Great Age of 25,000 years which is calculated to complete and start another cycle at this time.

For our further investigation into whether the Egyptians had been able to calculate this ‘Great Age’, follow Evans in his deep interpretation of root hieroglyphs: ‘bent finger’ (p.74). There are words for ‘bent’ or ‘crooked’ in Welsh (‘achrwn, rwca cam and backog’m .. ‘crwcau’ = to curve, ‘camen’ meaning ‘whirl’). In Ancient Egyptian a similar symbol ‘filwy’ = ‘a thousand eggs’ (p.75), which Evans elaborates: ‘A thousand human generations is about 26,000 years. This is the length of earth’s precessionary cycle.’ Sirius is bound to our sun by a whirling curve over our 26,000 year precessionary cycle. This is indicated by the ancient Egyptian heroglyphs of the ‘bys’ for 10,000 and the ‘filwy’ for 26,000 years respectively. (see ‘The Origin of Numbers’ by Hugh Evans, describing the glyphs and associated Ancient Egyptian root words for long numbers, including the 26,000 precession cycle (see pages 74).


2000BC – 1000BC – Ageof Aries begins – (p24) ‘During this time the star maps of Gwinedd had been substantially completed. This is based on the fact that many of the cairns and stone circles of the Star Maps are dated to this period by CADW (Welsh Heritage)’

1000 bc The Chaldeans

During the Age of Pisces, the Greek empire was abosrbed into the Roman Empire and c 150CE Ptolemy standardises the constellations during the Last (Greek) Period in Egypt .... Notably during this period the Welsh Mabinogi stories are first recorded in writing, having previously been part of oral tradition. However, the oldest extant (surviving) versions, including the Welsh Triads, and the Tales of Taliesin, are dated from c.1200CE.(p 25).

The Colibran Alphabet of the Celt (Adiriann Gilbert ‘The Holy Kingdom’ p. 26)

Welsh historians WILSON AND Baram Blacket, whose findings are recounted in ‘The Holy Kingdom’ by Adrian Gilbert, went on to discover the two Welsh King Arthurs: Arthur I (Arthun Andragathius) and Arthur II (Artwys Arthmael) both descendants of Constantine the Great and building fortified areas, (see p.322).

Welsh Camelot and .’THE CASTLE OF THE KNIGHTS’ (p.228) : Castle Field, Craig Llewyn (Greystones’) farm a few miles from the centre of Cardiff is Caer Melyn (‘Yellow Fortress’, indicating the sulphur pits nearby colouring the water of the springs’). Mellitas means ‘honey’ in Latin… ). Caer Mellitas – Camelot. British kings toured around their domain holding various curst, says Gilbert, which were administered by stewards in their absence…

Hill fort system around Caer Melyn (p.230) possibly represent a ‘round table’ (or part of a Caer Siddhi ‘revolving castle’ star map?), suggesting keys to the star earlier star maps of Pumpsaint (Lewis Edwards, Morien Institute) and Gwynedd (Hugh Evans, ‘The Origin of the Zodiac’) and an almost replica of Katherine Maltwood’s ‘The Temple of the Stars’, a Lewis

The paradise of old Welsh texts ‘Caer Sidhi’ suggests an earlier ‘magical circle’ of sanctuaries/guardian forts in the landscape constructed by Artwys King of Glamorgan. p.231- ‘Camelot, then is no great city with walls and battements, it was simply one of the main manor house courts of the Glamorgan kings… also a gathering place for Arthur’s knights.’ The name ‘Arthur’ also derived from ’Adras son of Meyrig’ who is said to have established by an equestrian class that is a company of knights, and an ‘efficient system of communications with regard to hostilities and legislation’… central to this system was a network of hill forts… for the ancient British, essential use of a hill fort was to act as a watchtower and relay station’ in case of invasion. There is also a hill fort system in North Gwent (p.234) encircling the Black Mountains.

Both the Circles of Castles of the Kings of Glamorgan (and Gwent) hold suggest their origins in ‘Caer Siddhi’ of the Mabinogion (revolving castles/star maps) and the roots of the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The Pumpsaint Zodiac in S Wales – a consideration of the Caer Siddi (revolving castles) of the Mabinogion – another link to the ‘round table’ of the stars.

Pumpsaint area in Lewis Edwards’ ‘Pumpsaint Temple of the Stars’ (see Morien Institute www.morien-institute.org).

‘Dr. Ardour Stephens in his article to the S. Wales Press held the theory that the true site of the Arthurian legend was in S. Wales, particularly in the region of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and W. Glamorganshire….. In Wales its significance was greater. ‘Sidydd’ is the Welsh word for Zodiac, Caer Sidi the ‘Paradise’ of ancient Welsh literature, has always puzzled commentators. May it not be a reference to the Circle of the Zodiac formed by the hills, rivers and valleys of the Pumpsaint area of Carmarthenshire?’ (the Morien Institute). https://www.morien-institute.org/

Hill fort system around Pentremeurig (Adrian Gilbert p.232)

Hill fort system around Caer Melyn (Camelot) - Adiran Gilbert p.230)

Land of the revolving castles seems to express the ‘Piscean’ theme of other-worldly dimensions. Just at the gateway to the Black Mountains of Wales, Golden Valley, Abbey Dore, and the mysterious Kilpeck Church with its graveyard on the embankments of a Normal Castle, have been part of local Gatekeeper activities. At Poulston Court, in the Golden Valley, 2019 we held our Gatekeeper Pilgrims Weekend, and visited Abbey Dore, and Llanthony Priory.

Screenshot: a gateway to the circle of Forts around the Black Hills (Gilbert) Image from https://www.visitherefordshire.co.uk/see-do/scenic-trails/golden-valley

Hill For system around North Gwent (Adrian Gilbert p.234)

Lanthony Priory -Brecon Beacons - a gateway overlooked by the Black Mountains, and tucked away in a powerful valley. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llanthony_Priory#/media/File:Llanthony.priory.JPG)

The ‘Round Table’ castles may have been converted into priories, along with the kings in Wales who because the first monastic saints, travelling around their landscape sanctuaries. ‘Norman knight William de Lacy founded a hermitage here when he – untypical of the times – abandoned war and embraced religion. By 1118 Llanthony had become a monastery of Augustinian canons, which continued until it was suppressed in 1539.

The ‘knights and kings’ of Wales who emerged from the ‘circles of forts’ and who later became the first Christian converts in Britain are rootedof the legends of the ‘Round Table’ Knights:

Saint David: …’ is traditionally believed to be the son of Non and the grandson of Ceredig ap Cunedda, king of Ceredigion.’

Saint Illid…’said to have returned from Rome with Caratacus, Saint Cyllin and Eigen and formed a religious college of twelve named Cor Eurgain (the choir of Eurgain). Cyllin was a legendary, and possibly historical British king of the 1st century AD, early Christian saint and the last pendragon of Great Britain. … Cyllin ab Caradog, a wise and just king. In his days many of the Cymry embraced the faith in Christ through the teaching of the saints of Cor-Eurgain, and many godly men from the countries of Greece and Rome were in Cambria.

QUESTING PURE LOVE – PISCES TELLS US HOW to Dissolve Time, and allow the invisible movements of cosmic destiny to enter into every day life: Through Pisces we address the collective consciousness of the Soul of Humanity, which speaks of its true origins, and a passage of time through which we mature as conscious beings. This is the message left by our ancestors, as we capture the ‘star maps’ left by them in the patterns of earth structures and stone circle.

Today we are sharing profound truths more readily. Our origins in the very early civilisations who made star maps to guide us, are still holding an ‘earth grail’ for us to move through current ‘dimensional shifts’ more easily.

Aran Fawddwy ‘Highest Shining, Great Divine’ is at the location of Mirfak, the britghtest star in the constellation. –. ‘Could this site have been one of the origin points of the entire Star Map, the Pleides being so important to Bronze Age Britons?’ (Hugh Evans’ Origins of the Zodiac’ p.144)…

‘Setting of Pleides’ (Hugh Evans p.146). On the eastern slopes of Aran Fawddwy is the small lake named Creiglyn Dyfi, the source of the River Dyfi. https://www.mudandroutes.com/routes/aran-fawddwy-benllyn-from-llanuwchllyn/

Seen from afar, Wales has been seen as a boar’s head. Is Aran Fawddwy therefore the ‘eye’ of the ‘Boar of Britain’? Or is the ‘third eye’ at Holy Isle, Anglesea?

As modern pilgrims traveling with awareness and questing the truth within the spirit of the land, are we acting as the ‘reflective eye’ of the Mystical Universe (Pisces), crafting poetic re-creations into beautiful form as ‘pure poets’ under a Virgoan artistic inspiration?

Editor Charlotte Yonge 2024.


Saturday 24 February
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