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Full Moon Meditation – Leo / Aquarius

LEO (PLAYER, LEADER) SUN FULL MOON AQUARIUS 1st AUGUST 2023 12 NOON The Guardian Trees along the Rivers Ouse and Fosse which bring the city to life with their trickling... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – Virgo / Pisces

VIRGO SUN FULL MOON IN PISCES 31st AUGUST 12 NOON CRAFTING BEAUTY – WE CELEBRATE THE FULL ‘BLUE’ MOON with innovative crafting and creativity. The Seed Cycle of Lunar potentiality.... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – Libra / Aries

LIBRA SUN AND ARIES MOON FULL MOON MEDITATION 29th SEPTEMBER 2023 12 noon Libra is about the talent and creative skill of mediation, and what we meditate is a cycle... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – Scorpio / Taurus

SCORPIO SUN TAURUS MOON FULL MOON (ECLIPSE) MEDITATION OCTOBER 28th 12 NOON Cressing Temple: The Knot Garden and temple: https://thegardenstrust.org/cressing-temple-essex/ HEALING THE LAND, HEALING OURSELVES, …and our cultural memory. This... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – Sagittarius / Gemini

SAGITTARIUS SUN GEMINI MOON FULL MOON MEDITATION NOVEMBER 27TH 2023 The Greater London landscape temple (Gatekeeper Trust 1994?) This shows the centers stretching from Dorchester on Thames to Greenwich. Kingston... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – Capricorn / Cancer

MEMORY THEATRES OF CAPRICORN - our inheritance from the ‘blueprint’ in the land on the Cusp with AQUARIUS The Cotswold Circle (David Furlong Http://www.david furlong.co.uk/Avebury.htm: Image: Marlborough Downs with two... Read More

Full Moon Meditation – 25th January

FULL MOON MEDITATION – SUN IN AQUARIUS MOON IN LEO JANUARY 25TH At noon Portland Project – Creating new Stone Circles and walkways in the old quarry – celebrating their... Read More