Jeremy Rye

From the Gatekeeper Trust Annual Conference 2014, ‘Urban Pilgrim’, in Pewsey, Wiltshire
29-30 November 2014

Jeremy Rye's talk at the Annual Conference included some interesting quotes that have served him well as he explores the London landscape. Jeremy has kindly made these available in the document below, with some notes to place the quote into context.

His talk explored how we can work with the chakras in the landscape. For people wanting to discover more about this way of working, there are two books available to buy from under 'Publications'. These both include information about landscape chakras.

You can also go to which is affiliated to The Gatekeeper Trust.

Zoence - Science of Life
Legendary London and The Spirit of Place

Click here to download the Quotes from Jeremy Rye’s talk at the Gatekeeper Trust Annual Conference 2014

Jeremy Rye spends most of his time in coffee shops developing the art of independent thinking. He occasionally emerges to design and create landscapes in urban, countryside and therapeutic settings. He is fascinated by how the patterns of the past have influenced the landscapes of the present and what role they can play in the future. He has undertaken a number of major landscape design projects in London. Jeremy’s many varied landscape designs always take the greatest respect and dedication to serve the land as their starting point. See

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