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26/05/2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Full Moon Meditation at noon
26 May 2021


Storytelling on the rocky Roaches: The Doxey Pool on the rocks. (Michael Ely, Wiki Commons), and the legend of the Blue Mermaid).

The Roaches reaching for the sky, their story lies in their rising vigor and their refreshing pools. (https://www.staffs-wildlife.org.uk/nature-reserves/roaches)

The Winking Man, Seeing with one eye... or the other?

Hen Cloud, reaching for the sky, reaching for vision and settled safely on mother Earth’s nurturing mounded nest. (File Hen_Cloud,_teh_Roaches`)

Bawdstone (RS=wVMxoUN) between Hen Cloud and Roaches, with its pool-balanced rock: ‘Sick people used to crawl under the Bawdstone to be cured; the narrow gap would push the Devil off their backs. Indeed, you might be cured of your ills merely by touching the stone.’ https://www.wondersofthepeak.org.uk/chapters/the-bawdstone

This lovely trio of sacred sites brings the metaphor of balance and integration into full circle. Sit here and contemplate the space in between where reflections of your dream may be collected from the sky.


Gemini (sun) gives us imaginative tools to quest the meaning of life, and the sun in Sagittarius (moon) gives us the expansive optimistic visionary with us that can be born out of the dance of duality. The landscape builds this story as a dancing dialogue of love:

* How do I experience the polarity of thought and feeling, responding to my heart vision, a rich quest for vision, that spills over into storytelling about my heart inspiration?

* How do I reach a balance in my being by being true to both polarities, by dancing between two personae: the ‘winking man’ and the ‘blue mermaid’ in a loving embrace?

The dream-quest of the storyteller:

Pilgrimage to the wider landscape around the Bullstones, where you will find the rocky stack of The Roaches, the Doxey Pool with the Blue Nymph legend, and the Winking Man image in the clefting rocks, which are made of Sandstone Grit. Stories in the landscape can lead us to deeper meanings. Are we now telling new stories through which Nature helps us discover the meaning of life?

Gemini is about the storyteller within us - imaginative communication and dialogue - and discovering the harmonic path through between two polarities of consciousness. These are derived from the two mental skills we possess: rationality and intuition. Sometimes, not having resolved this duality, I feel in the ‘Winking Man’ closing first one eye and then the other – it’s a weird ‘gritty’ experience, full of tension!

High up the Roaches, in the airy atmosphere
where the falcons soar and rocky lefts divide our view.

What I have learned from experience is that when we receive an inspiration from our hearts, we quest for an interpretation and a way of acting upon it. The question forming rational mind reflects an intuitive response to inspiration and this may be symbolised by a rocky outcrop. My intuition is represented by the Blue Mermaid in the pool: I may temporarily drown in an excess of enthusiasm and sudden emotional expansion. The rocks may represent mental focus, but we may get lost in the high airs of analytical thought. The storyteller within me dreams of the impossible path to encompass both polarities, a joy and peace at first unimaginable.

If you feel called to a dream-quest pilgrimage to honour Gemini, you could start in your own sacred landscape or climb the rocky path to harmony in the Roaches of the Peak District in your mind's eye.

Ed: Charlotte Yonge, Angela Shaw and Vicky Wade, 2021


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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