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Full Moon Meditation – Pisces / Virgo

07/03/2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm


MARCH 7TH 2023

Carreg Cennen, Llandeilo [Screenshot]

Pisces represents the mystical origins of Humankind, a spiritual mystery of a descending spirit of unconditional love and light. Our cultural origins began by clear sighted ‘shamans’ watching the patterns of the constellations, and then developing symbolic systems with which to communicate with the ineffable, our creative source. Sacred sanctuaries all seem to point to this orientation of observation and inductive reasoning about the nature of the planet, the heavens and cultural inheritance.

Our quest: How does unconditional love call us from the beauty of the earth?

The ‘liminal spaces’ in the landscape of Wales in which thought and insight arise, seem to have been the source of human knowledge, creative power, number and language as the foundation of our incarnation. The mountains provided inspiration for the formation of the Gatekeeper Trust. We look at how the original ‘gatekeeper’ group gradually distilled the mystical message of the butterfly into the form of our 40 year journey to this powerful year..


The River Tywi, sometimes called the River Towy, is Wales' longest river, ending at Carmarthen Bay.

Llansteffan Castle overlooking the Tywi estuary.

Stanley Messenger was part of the original group who conceived the formation of The Gatekeeper Trust, taking on the name of the Gatekeeper butterfly which seems to appear at the gateways to sacred landscape sites.

His ‘Butterfly Group’ met on several occasions before the formal constitution of the Trust was formed. The area was the Tywi Valley near Coleg Elydir. The most beautiful of valleys, overlooked by castles along the way, what better landscape to infuse our thoughts of forming an inspired group of butterfly pilgrims? Our later formal foundation of a Trust might be seen as a modem day ‘castle’ of protective boundaries.

[We made] … ‘several trips to the Tywi Valley with Peter and Stanley as we began to explore the chakra system and learn about the characteristics of each chakra as it was expressed in the landscape. We had found a cottage to rent near to Coleg Elydir, where we could all stay and make our meals. Out of this work the whole concept of Landscape Temples was consolidated and we all began to be aware of such alignments elsewhere. On one occasion Peter and I explored the Severn Valley alignment. This was my first introduction to trusting my own inner vision.’ See article by JEHANNE MEHTA:2010 https://gatekeeper.org.uk/2021/05/the-beginnings-of-gatekeeper-trust/

The valley ‘holding’ the pure rain symbolic of the generous outpouring of a Piscean interpretation of ‘unconditional love/nurture’. (from BBC news ‘weather warning [screenshot] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-64212470

Now the earth’s crust dips and sways, the rain gathers more strongly, and we have warnings of change. How do our castle foundations hold firm?

Are these images a harbinger of Gatekeeper’s ways and windings to increase and take up the rise of ‘earth love’ in many who wish to protect our ecology and planetary survival.

Paxton’s Tower in the Twyi Valley [screenshot].

As a Trust, we may need to consider the protective-castle symbol of nurturing local groups who become specialists in their own local sacred landscape: Groups of pilgrims who love the land have intimacy and shielding from psychological ‘weathering’.

The first meeting Peter attended was at Rhandirmwyn: ‘This was the first meeting Peter attended and was probably in early autumn 1979, because I remember our family had only just moved into our first Gloucestershire home then, having moved from Oxfordshire. Jean took us to an impressive place. We looked down from above, among trees, onto a swirling pool of water where two streams met (with a rounded rocky promontory between them) to become the Tywi River. As we looked down on the boiling cauldron beneath us, Peter described the circle of beings he could see around it and told us that the bluff between them was the throat chakra of a landscape temple. I remember feeling very moved by this and knowing that it was something with which I was very connected. I think we all had similar feelings. Peter told us that he had been expecting to find a group like ours and knew that this was the one.’ ‘The Beginnings of Gatekeeper Trust’ by Jehanne Mehta 31st December 2010:

Peter explained:
‘The Butterfly is our symbol – the Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown has orange-brown wings and a black spot with two white pupils on its forewings. Known for its guardianship of gates and hedges, it is most often seen as one goes in and out of fields and woods and along roadside verges. The butterfly is the Earthly partner of the elemental kingdom, its presence frequently accompanies us on pilgrimage – a sign as one crosses the threshold of a sacred place and seeks permission to enter.’

Our Mystical Origins: It is sometimes said of our mystical origins, that each of us is a microcosm of the Cosmos, and as we incarnate in physical form on earth we nurture and strengthen our own personal cosmos within, looking out into all directions of space,

observing, celebrating and protecting our auric ‘capsule’ that gives birth to Time and Infinite Love Itself.

Rhandirmwyn valley, Carmarthenshire.
Measuring in at 75 miles (120km), the River Tywi, weaves its way from its source in the Cambrian Mountains above Llyn Brianne reservoir to the sea at Carmarthen Bay.

CARMARTHENSHIRE AND GWYNEDD hold star maps in their hills and valley, landscapes of ancient languages and orientation maps used for propagating a philosophy of the sacred.


Thanking our ancestors for their guideline star maps:

Hugh Evans’ interpretation of the landscape zodiac of Gwynedd is one of three found in Wales. Derived from the ritual life of early communities and the way they surveyed the heavens containing stay map patterns of the constellations… making them real in the landscape through some method of ‘shaping’, and creating an ancient landscape language of cosmic significant. These integral concepts were important long before Christianity and the oldest traditions included ’the reign of Christ and Mary’ in the centre of the Milky Way. The zodiac and the ecliptic, the galactic ‘cross-over’ all symbolised for priests and hermits to code for the people. These star symbols were the central belief of the alchemical traditions, hermetic philosophies and their rooting of cultural systems of measurement and cosmic adoration by ancient people.

Individual adventurers point the way to building our Gaian lightbody of wisdom, a co-created energy field of historical languages and wisdoms of the cosmos.

Hugh Evans’ two well illustrated books are:

Firstly ‘The Origins of the Zodiac’ [‘Using astronomical software and land surveys, he explores the idea that this may be the earliest collection of ground/sky correlations, and may be the oldest use of astrology in the world. He also discusses how the Giant Idris was connected to the biblical Enoch’] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqpPq2K0FAk.

His second book - ‘The Origin of Numbers’ - shows Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph Numbers, their shapes shapes, design, vowels and the Name of God. With the number 1 you will find on p.14 an image presenting the number with artwork representing light radiating in all directions around the number. “The vertical line is the axis of rotation of the universe. The base is the plane of the celestial equator, the nose is the prime longitude from the polestar, positioned at the top.” His artwork and graphics are hung together on opposite pages, for using astronomical software he is able to present ‘The celestial sphere showing the mapping system represented by the number 1.’ on p.15.

'Reproduced with permission © Hugh Evans The Origin of Numbers'.

'Reproduced with permission © Hugh Evans The Origin of Numbers'.

'Reproduced with permission © Hugh Evans ‘The Origin of Numbers'.

These artistic interpretations of concepts are deeply rooted in the experience of colour, and design, through which art and language evolved, in addition to the geometric representation of the earth in space derived from observing stellar constellations. Thus we

can connect each numeral value in terms of different ‘opticoder’ and ‘lexicoder’ brain processors. It creates an integrated concept that includes sensory and somatico-spatial memory.

Poetry is the combination of sequences and sentences that reveal an inherent logic, and in using his author’s intuition to interpret and enquire deeply into hidden meanings, Hugh Evans has presented for us the dimensions of natural intelligence - number - within his own art forms, and thus connecting with a multi-dimensional concept of a connected universe..

Number 4 (page 35) is seen as a circle with a four direction cross, representing ‘the four guardian stars’. These are given below with their Welsh names and interpretation.
Regulus (in Leo) - Rhe-gal us (chief swift motion (ecliptic) ‘fair’ (= star)
Aldebaran in Taurus - Al de-bar an (the southern-summit (point) that contains
Fomalhaut in Aquarius - Ffan-all-hwt (great-opposite-far away) - opposite Regulus
Antares in Scorpio - An-tawres meaning ‘opposite Taurus, Aldebran .

You would not be surprised that his new book is entitled ‘The Origin of Time’. I look forward to reading how he measures the motion of objects/stars in our physical reality. His promotional script reads “... the remaining Ptolemaic constellations are identified and expanded with ground maps and corresponding star charts, and also to the Druids star atlas.’

Now in our 40th year, the astrological signs tell us that without a doubt, deep instincts are coming into the light of consciousness as Pluto begins to sail through Aquarius. Each of us can begin to step into our own sovereignty through the land. There is a mystical impulse that leads us to re-evaluate our cultural heritage, tap into deeper perceptions of subtle energies and resonances, in order to re-tell our story.


The Ludlow ‘Green Man’ - seems to symbolise that Nature communicates through our own language of mind, body and emotion.. our evolutionary journey of synthesis with the Spirit of Nature.

The Green Man in Ludlow - the breath of life circulates around the head, awakening his eyes in realisation. Is he an Arthurian figure, a portent of our awakening unity with Nature from a sleep of dogged individuality? Is it a symbol of the mystical ‘greening of Humanity’ to become a mature ‘Gaian-Humans’?

At the cusp of Pisces and Aries, the ‘green warrior’ symbolises the task humanity should follow to attain a mystic wisdom: it lies sleep in the land, just as the myths of King Arthur include his mysterious ‘inner-earth’ sleep.

The Welsh King Arthurs (Adrian Gilbert ‘The Holy Kingdom’) fought many battles to preserve their British Royal ancestry stemming from King Brutus and Bran the Beloved’. Did the legend of King Arthur’s return refer to these times, when the ‘round table’ of collaborative leadership is to be reinstated as circles of wisdom shared and sharpened within the sovereignty of the land and the new local ‘witan’ advisers to the High King?

Wikipedia: ‘King Arthur's messianic return is a mythological motif in the legend of King Arthur, which claims that he will one day return in the role of a messiah to save his people. It is an example of the king asleep in mountain motif. King Arthur was a legendary 6th-century British king. Few historical records of Arthur remain, and there are doubts that he ever existed, but he achieved a mythological stature that gave rise to a growing literature about his life and deeds.’


Where our ancestors sleep: Croft Ambrey Hill Fort with Romano-Celtic Temple [Screenshot:

Our questing: What has been asleep within us and how are we to navigate the awakening which surely upon us now? The answer as always is to listen to the spirit of the land and be guided through the challenges and wise awakenings that it inspires.

Editors: Rose Williams, Sarah Dawkins, Charlotte Yonge: March 2023.


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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