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Full Moon Meditation – Gemini / Sagittarius

04/06/2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm



Chalice Well lid Glastonbury, capturing the ‘sacred presence’ of pure spring water. The vesica is a symbol of the eternal sacred Now. The balance of polarities within us expresses Eternal Harmony and Beauty.


How can we use our creative imagination to balance life’s dualities and convey the vision of the new Age of unity in diversity? Can we transcend the challenge of duality and reinvent our vision together, so that it can emerge into reality?

Our vision oriented collective ‘soul’ - our ‘SEER AND GUIDE’ - is represented by the Moon in Sagittarius which answers our Gemini quest. Hence the opposite signs also express duality, the sun sign being the active ‘quest for truth’ and the moon the response yet to become conscious within us.

Near the end of the year Sagittarius represents the time of seeding the new vision as it has matured through the year passed. In 2015 Gatekeeper Trust’s quest for a ‘centre’ in the landscape directed us to the actual centre at Athelstone, where Oldbury and Hartshill gave us signals to the ancient significance of the landscape.

Meeting at the Purley Chase Centre, our group actively engaged with the imaginal subtle world of Nature through dance, meditation, lantern-light, discussion and absorption of the beauty of the Gardens in 2015.

The garden at Purley Chase and dancing lawn. Our vision of the ‘centre’ of our operations needed fine tuning in this weekend.

Creating the Centre: Our Paneurythmy group, lighting the lantern on
Hartshill, a discussion at lunchtime, the garden around us and
our meditation mandala as a dialogue with wholeness.
[Montage capturing the sense of connection with the lands: Charlotte Yonge]

Transcending duality is a way into discovering the synchronicity of creative wisdom – our guiding map of the future of our work as a trust was put to the test. How can we create a picture of the wisdom of Nature’s connectedness and our role within it, in order to uphold and reveal its innate beauty and symmetry?

At Purley Chase we had a visioning weekend in 2015, and a conference in 2016. When we developed a collective vision the ‘centre’ of the British landscape ‘wheel of life’. With paper and colours and objects we conjured up our collective future, and offered theses up to the angel of Gatekeeper, blessing the vision of harmony and creativity ahead of us.

in this montage. [CY 2017]
Lanterns around the landscape of Purley Chase, depict a
‘possible future’ light filled world

Encapsulating our vision with a meditation mandala – the map of Britain represents our higher nature being integrated with colour, design, candles and mediation: the duality of soul and self.

DUALITY of LIGHT AND SHADOW: The imaginal world of the British landscape is its subtle aura or light body built up over the ages by dedication and celebration of communities. We were seeking a central place in time and space, which we could call our ‘hub’ of operation. A central point around which we could organise our local groups in a coherent way, and move the energies of the landscape into harmonic patterns.

Could we conceive of a way of transcending space and time, and ancestral remnants of devotion and vision, so that we felt free to build our own version of a ‘new age’ of coherence and meaning upon our old cultural memories?

Thus when we are in the landscape and attune to the spirit of place, we have a duality of matter and spirit, all embodied within ourselves. We focus on first one and then the other as we walk, and as we gather sensations through our ‘somatic sensing’ and build a rapport with the over-lighting presence of the past recreations of ‘spirit of place. This is the process of generating a radiance within our hearts, which builds the inner radiance of the sacred places we visit.


The Gatekeeper Visioning Weekend in 2015 at Purley Chase Centre:

Pieces of our publications were stuck to the circular board as a ‘reconceived’ intent and purpose of the trust. We embrace duality in terms of past and present, so as to seed or innovate a possible future. The map in our ‘past-present-future’ circles, reflected the patterns of the stars and their logic and dance through space and time. We then dissolved our pictures of our vision of the future with a bonfire.

Standing round the bonfire watching our day’s contemplations dissolve into flames. But did all of it crumble to ashes?

…and the next day we picked up the remains, part of them being a map of the three circles of the British Isles. Amazingly it survived the flames like a phoenix, and it encapsulated the vision of uniting the whole of the British Isles landscape temples and star maps.

The map of three landscapes rested on top of the pile of ashes – what a symbol of resurrection! It represented to us that our the ‘accidents’ of space and time had danced trancelike in our collective consciousness, and been transcended, physically resurrected on a piece of paper! This is indeed a ‘Gemini’ alchemy, where the invisible becomes indestructibly present and significant.

The almost perfect map, cut from one of our ‘Gatekeeper News’ editions and stuck on our circle of images of the future, held an indestructible certainty.

Our mysterious resurrected map speaks to us of synchronicity. It is framed with an explanation, and forms an official dedication to centredness and to re-creating the ageless wisdom of the land. Our inner group ‘visionary’ seems to have exercised its power to manifest the future immediately: the connection between our three landscapes: Britain, Ireland and Scotland.

Sacred art in the Landscape: an interplay of polarities - Creating innovation through modern expressive arts: Gemini gives us a template for ways of capturing memories, present challenges and a seeking of future vision using ancient symbols:

Group montage with expressive arts - the ‘mandala’ around which we danced sacred circle dances on the Isle of Man. The inclusive and meditative circle here includes photos of the ancient green lanes winding through the moors. We were holding the island’s characteristics in our consciousness, while generating group vision.

Sacred art designs: using the ‘mandorla’ or ‘vesica pisces’ almond shape. Balancing the past and present with reflections on the past on the left,, affirmations for the future on the right, and the innovative challenge of the present in the central space. On this we recreate our heart’s desire in terms of present actions and changes.


The three legs of Man and the ancient ‘triskele’ symbolises the unity of Britain, Ireland and Scotland. When each is balanced with the other two, the wheel turns.

The ancient triskalion at Newgrange, Ireland.

The Irish ‘triskele’ and the balance of present eternity in perpetual motion between two polarities, which creates the third spiral of spiritual emergence: ‘The spirals are also said to symbolize the inner and outer worlds and the themes of birth, death, and rebirth as well as the unity of mental, physical, and spiritual self.’ https://irelandtravelguides.com/celtic-triskele-history-meaning/

The imaginal world of ireland and the Gemini Effect

In Peter Dawkins’ booklet for Gatekeeper ‘Ireland’ in which he proposes a sacred landscape design might be within its story, his research runs deep into the mythology of Ireland. In Armagh (Celtic ‘Ard-Mache’ which means ‘Macha’s Height’) the Celtic Warrior-goddess Queen Macha of the golden hair, gives birth to twins, as a result of a dispute. Twins in myth are associated with initiationship and to kingship, so are important in sacred tradition, he writes. In this area is Navan Fort, which is called ‘Emain-Maha’ or ‘The Twins of Macha’.

‘The association of twins with Armagh is a further confirmation of this sacred site functioning as a focus of the left ‘hand’ chakra (of the goddess figure in the landscape’) of the Irish temple for the twins (Gemini) ruled by the planet Mercury, are associated with the mind and the capacity to weigh one thought against another in the scales of reasoning’. (booklet in process of republishing)

Landscape ‘star maps’ reflect the interplay of duality between past and future, do they form an imaginal cultural bed out of which the present emerges? MARY CAINE’S VISION: Kingston is the heart chakra of the Greater London chakric landscape. Mary lived in Kingston and the landscape spoke to her inner quest for truth. We now have living ‘wheels of life’ which speak to us from the ancient imaginal world of shamans and astrological astronomers.


As a ‘Sagitarian’ visionary prototype created by Mary Caine, it illustrates certain specific outcomes in each section, which can be seen as the ‘imaginal world’ manifesting its archetypal qualities. We can use Mary’s examples when researching star maps in your location. The synchronistic anomalies of modern cultural structures relating to the imaginal world, are difficult to deny. For instance, in the sign of Gemini Mary found that statistically there were far more twins born who lived in this area of the zodiac.

Our visionary ‘seer/visionary’ within, emerges when we find balance of the duality in our questing for the truth and exercising intuition.


David Spangler speaks of the relationship between our soul and the soul of the planet. Our soul sends out an intent, and we create a spiritual breath to breathe in Gaia’s light. This begins to create a ‘seed of light’ within our hearts, as we love Gaia and seek to help her own incarnation of evolutionary light. In the process we develop an individual, unique ‘self light’, and thus we can operate from this centre in serving love-wisdom and helping it dawn within Humanity. The song by Findhorn’s ‘New Troubadours’: ‘We are the Festival of Light …. we are the candles, shining in the night’ expresses this process of new light being born within us.

CONCLUSION - Interpreting Gemini in today’s world:

In initiating a response to the quest for truth, and the weighing of experience on reflection, our Moon in Sagittarius might represent our inner visionary and spear shaker. The hidden duality of consciousness is at play to allow co-creation in our lives, and externalise our vision. The use of ‘mandala’ art in modern visioning ‘dream-team’ brings the duality of our mind into focus and brings our heart-felt visions together with a reasoned plan of action.

The Wheel of Life and Round Table interpretation by Peter Dawkins.

The Gemini Effect: Each sun sign has an opposite moon sign. The Moon reflects the solar radiance, representing the ‘responsive’ sign to the questing conscious mind. This inner marriage brings transformative illumination.

Editors: Charlotte Yonge, Rose Wiliams and Peter Dawkins. May 2023.


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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