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A sacred walk around London’s seven gateways, at this Solar Festival of Joy

Saturday 18 June @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Walk the footsteps of our lineage at this Solar Festival. Greet the seven gates of the City of London and build the fire to your future.

About this event

Take a sacred walk through hidden London with me.

Walking the walls was well being for the city and in return for ourselves. The walls, seen as the vessel for holding the energetic success of enterprise, mirrors the landscapes of many places of celebration and initiation and were part defence and part container for its success.

We will walk the same journey, use the potential of pilgrimage and walking, to build our fire, acknowledge our journey and set ourselves to ripen all that we have grown at this Solar Festival of Joy (Saura/Litha).

Saura is the mid-point of summer and a time of great joy. It is when the sun is at its highest point and we celebrate all that it is to be filled with the light and in a profound period of growth and abundance. All land and nature is at its peak of fertility and fulfilment, as we celebrate our expansiveness and achievements.

We walk the walls and walk through the gateways, honouring each for the city and for ourselves, to bring in this time of fire.


London-based landscape designer Jeremy Rye will be leading guided tours of the four London walks that were known to Kings and Queens since the beginning of the monarchy in England.

These spiritual walks were undertaken by the monarchs and the landscape keepers of the time. They would journey at specific points in their reign, at certain times of the year or for the marking of events. These were not only a means of navigating a city but seen as instrumental in maintaining its health, spiritual and commercial success.

Unlike a typical history tour, this is an opportunity for participants to mirror these spiritual journeys, in part to strengthen our sense of self, answer questions we have and to transform. They are an ideal companion to other self-reflection practices such as journaling, therapy or meditation.

Jeremy Rye is a practicing landscape architect who integrates history and spirituality in his work.


This is one of four sacred walks in London that crosses the city and will start at the Tower of London and end at back at the Tower of London. There will be seven stops made along the way where Jeremy will both point out historic architectural features, their history and their connection to a spiritual question.

Participants are invited to use these stops not only to listen but find answers for themselves.


The walk will take on average 3 hours with a break and is not wheelchair accessible.

The walk will take part no matter the weather and tickets are non-refundable.

Meeting point:

Tower Hill Terrace
The Tower of London

Under the Tower of London sign on the terrace.


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Saturday 18 June
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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