Geomancy in Sussex – St George’s Day 2023

We met on St George’s Day, April 23rd, to explore the subtle energies of the landscape, meeting at East Court in East Grinstead which sits on the Greenwich Meridian Line. This line has been significant throughout history and the Royal Dynasties of Britain and certain esoteric societies have understood the true nature of the alignment and linked themselves with its power. Gatekeeper invited Richard Creightmore to lead our exploration at East Court which he had chosen in light of the timing just before the King’s Coronation.

Richard is one of Britain’s senior practitioners and teachers of the geomantic healing arts, in practise since 1986. He has lived in East Grinstead and up on Ashdown Forest since the age of four. Richard began by speaking about his work. He acknowledged those geomancers who had gone before him and especially Peter Dawkins whose path he walks on with him. His love and respect for Peter was wonderful for us to see and hear.

Richard gave examples of the impact of water divining and earth acupuncture on the spiritual hygiene of place. One example involved sad cows transforming and how the cows gave a chorus of loud happy moo-Ing once the land was cleared! He gave many other examples of transforming people and situations - you can read articles on the work at the website of Richard and his wife Jewels at

Our intention and collective task was to clear the geopathic stress that had built up in the land and to explore and clear the Meridian Line. We held the intention to connect to the sovereignty in the land to strengthen and support the spiritual sovereignty in each one of us as we approach the Coronation. Gatekeeper’s invitation enabled Richard to do this work with the group. In Gatekeeper’s time-honoured tradition, it is the land that informed our exploration, not socio-political matters.

Richard spoke about the landscape and the different properties of chalk, clay and sandstone. A belt of sandstone runs from Hastings across the Weald and through East Grinstead and crosses the Meridian Line. This energy crossing point has attracted faith-filled organisations to East Grinstead and the surrounding landscape, many of whom have their global and UK headquarters here, from Scientology to the Mormons to Anthroposophy, just to name a few.

Richard then started by clearing the water lines running through the room. He engaged fully in this and found he was sitting on a disturbed line which caused him to suffer repeated coughing fits that disturbed his ability to speak. As the energy cleared, the room became bright and clear and a more comfortable space to be and Richard recovered his strength for the day. Usually this might take an hour to clear but with the group support it cleared quite quickly.

Richard uses wooden wands that he makes himself for earth acupuncture work. He brought his favoured oak and eucalyptus wands and spoke of how he asks the tree spirit’s permission to cut live-wood wands. A part of the tree spirit stays with each wand. In one case the dryad had said that he could make a hundred and twenty wands from the branches of a tree that grew on his own land. This tree was not indigenous but Richard feels a connection and love for eucalyptus through his part-Australian ancestry and his Australian wife Jewels. This attunement and permission is important in this work.

After clearing the sha-chi (geopathic stress) in the water lines, we broke for lunch. I created a home-made Japanese lunch from my kitchen which I really enjoyed preparing the night before. I chose to do this as we were sitting on the Meridian line where east meets west. It also reflected the people gathered as there were lots of different nationalities in the group and the area does attract people from all over the world to live and study. A meal like this is nourishing for people who are feeling the stress of these times plus this was serious work we were engaged in. We also had home-made flapjacks in the breaks – all to help people feel well-nourished.

In the afternoon, Richard led us in dowsing the line to identify where to place the wands on the meridian line and two Leys that cross the mansion – it was an honour to see a master at work, placing the wands so swiftly and precisely and then to experience the shift in energy. Richard invited us to form a large circle in the garden around the ironstone millennium rock and led us in toning where he said that all is possible and to be open to the unexpected and unbidden.

When the lines had cleared we closed our circle and returned to the room. We had felt the change in the land and the shift in the room was palpable. Richard told us that the work was done for now. One person wrote in to say:

"Thank you so much for yesterday it was so insightful I hope we all made a difference I think we did. Richard spoke so well and held the space beautifully. Loved it all”

What will stay with me personally and one of the great insights on the day was my experience during the toning circle. I entered an inner world of such beauty with pristine flowing water and vast oak forests, so much more beautiful than the outer world. Richards’s response was very helpful:

“The inner world is always there until the outer world finds its full beauty again”

Thank you to Richard Creightmore and all who joined for this special day and to the Gatekeeper Trust

Louise Coe

One thought on “Geomancy in Sussex – St George’s Day 2023”

  1. Angela says:

    A particularly special day for my personal time-line – 23/4/23 the centenary of my father’s birth – and so good to be releasing blocked energy and balancing the water and earth energies, the masculine and the feminine. Great wisdom and practical experience from Richard, and delicious food courtesy of Louise. A day to remember. Thank you.

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