Report from Wheel of Life Event – Virgo

Sun in Virgo and Full Moon in Pisces
Wednesday 2nd September 2020

A small group of us were invited to meet at Heartwoods to honour Virgo on the British Landscape. Heartwood is a beautiful ancient woodland near Lincoln and owned by Jane, Nick and Jay.

We opened the circle with three Ohm’s, followed by the full moon meditation. We then pilgrimaged deep into the woods to walk a labyrinth and harvested natural items from the woods to work into a mandala around the peace pole. It rained hard during our pilgrimaging which wove the elements of water with the magician in Pisces, together with Virgo the craftsman into our creation.

Following our pilgrimage, we returned to warm up by the fire hearth and enjoyed refreshments, sang some earth chants, and finished the afternoon with a visit to Jane’s wishing tree.

A magical afternoon.

Rose Williams
Local Contact for Virgo

One thought on “Report from Wheel of Life Event – Virgo”

  1. Caroline Weatherby says:

    Hello Rose
    What a lovely day it sounds for Virgo on the Wheel of Lfe in Lincolnshire, ending with a bonfire!
    Caroline x

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