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Lughnasdah/Lammas Solar Festival celebrations and walk

30/07/2023 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Celebrate with us in this workshop to mark the gateway to autumn. The power of the light to gift us transformation & ripen the first fruits.

This is a workshop where we come together for the Solar Festival of Lughnasdah or Transformation. Using meditation, celebration and ritual to honour this point in the wheel of the year, we will create a ritual that will gather all we need to move forward with purpose. This is a blessed time of year and we mark the gateway to autumn and our continued growth and exuberance for life.


The Festival of Lammas. Lughnasdah or the Festival of Transformation (August 1st) celebrates the gateway into autumn. It is the shift in the seasons, when summer ends and autumn and all its gifts, begin.

Lammas is the start of the ripening of the year, when we bring our awareness to what we want to come to pass in the different parts of our life after the effort and the growth that we have been putting forward during summer. This is not necessarily the final or the complete fruition of everything but as the year on year growth occurs we need to staging posts that help us to maintain our path and our journey.

Like all the fruit on a tree, the tree knows which are really ready to ripen and acts accordingly - we find it shedding certain fruit that either is not set right or that the tree does not have the resources to bring to ripening and to fulfil their journey.

A tree has no compunction in the discharging of these things where as often we find ourselves wanting to make all that we have in our lives continue and to ripen into something that we once saw. This is not in our best interests and with Lammas, we have the opportunity to feel into what will come and what we now need to put down.




Jeremy Rye

Jeremy Rye is wedded to the land. From this heartfelt commitment comes his passion to strengthen our
connection to the land and its cycles. Through his endeavours as an accomplished designer and landscape architect he has brought into being sensitive landscapes that are places where purpose and beauty align. He believes that in creating these landscapes all of nature, and those that experiences these places, can become open and access answers to their deepest needs.

Fascinated by ancient wisdoms of how we have worked with the land for thousands of years, he has studied and walked the path to understanding; how we are all inextricably linked to the land on which we walk and
through that to nature in its entirety. This knowledge is distilled now into his teaching and healing work; re-establishing subconscious knowledge that we have set aside; reconnecting us to the tools to lead a life of balance and well-being; helping us to achieve our goals and potential.

He wants people to connect deeply to the land and use the physical landscape and the cycles of the year to connect into their inner landscape. He helps people do this through pilgrimage, the art of walking with intention, and has successfully run “Dragon Walk” pilgrimages through London’s historic pathways. Under the title of “Walking with Nature’s Hand”, he works with groups, teaching the land arts of celebrating solar festivals, walking with trees, meditations and planetary rituals.

He has lectured in Britain, Europe and America on these topics and is currently writing a book as a guide to receiving nature’s gifts for personal growth and well-being. A second on the symbolism and working with trees is in joyful research and demands continuing close communication with the many species of trees that share our occupation of this land. When not working, he can be found enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee.

Michelle Virtue

Michelle Virtue is focused and dedicated to enhancing and assisting others to develop and reach their potential.

As a child she was shown her future in dreams and was always observant of people, nature and changes to her surroundings. With a factual background she worked nearly thirty years in Banking, Local Authority and Social Care with many facets. Now a psychic medium, spiritual coach and healer she enables and empowers individuals to unleash their gifts to become more enlightened and conscious.

With a religious background, she believed there was wisdom in all religions, traditions and spirituality. Seeing a World filled with magic and miracles she studied at The College of Psychic Studies and reviewed shamanism, Wicca, the elements and the Moon's magic, choosing to live in a world within worlds.

Understanding life's challenges with a strong resolve to work through karmic issues Michelle works with individuals and groups in an open and honest way always with compassion. She has mentored and coached and assisted many to move forward in life's journey in a productive and positive way.

Committed to working with both the young and old, she can be found in the most unusual of places and always enjoys a good hug with a Tree.


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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