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Full Moon Meditation – Aquarius / Leo

05/02/2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm



Pilgrimage to North Molton Ridge, showing the dew ponds and barrows at the top of Exmoor. The four-square shape is used to signifiy the element ‘earth’ from which we get the ‘virgin’ or Black Madonna, suggesting purity and groundedness. This the quality of the number 4 and the ideal of a square balance of the four directions. Black Hill is nearby.

It is said to be linked to King Alfred and his battle with the Danes, but is this another retelling of Arthurian myth also found at Tintagel?
(2023, Charlotte Yonge)

King Arthur on his Horse in Cornwall
By David Matthews, Totnes.

Quietly, barely perceptibly, the Sun gathers strength as Earth's orbit allows a little more light each day into our Northern Winter.
Meanwhile, Mercury, pauses, emerging from the Great Dark Wood - and, slowly, thoughtfully,- retraces his steps - on a mission - to arouse Merlin from a periodic Slumber.
And Arthur ? His Star, Arcturus, above us in the morning sky:-follow the Pointers of the Plough, the Great Bear, to locate him.
Meanwhile a great Queen laments the hunger, cold and homelessness of her many dear children.
There is a way through this: - first of all to see Earth as One Country. All of us as One People.
The State as protector and provider of essentials - not simply as a guarantor of Corporate Profit.
Not, as now, a Democidal entity, indifferent to the cries of anguish from an Austerity- weary, too long deferential, trusting population. It doesn't have to be like this.
A new Paradigm - a different Political ( or a non-political) path is possible. This year, 2023,we'll see a movement, born of necessity which may begin to answer that need.
May the light of the Eternal sustain you through the year.
Keep it simple
Be kind (if you can).
Give thanks for the Good.

Here's Arthur in the Cornish Landscape - Redruth/Helston District. The head - the Great Hill Fort, Carn Brea. The Michael/Mary lines and the ancient Pilgrim's Way weaving their path across the figure.

The Arthurian figure riding a boar (see the myth of the Boar of Britain, sign of a fierce warrior and a symbol of hospitality - https://symbolsage.com/celtic-boar-symbolism-meaning ) which can be interpreted as the dual ‘human-spiritual’ nature of humanity’s incarnation, like the ‘Sphinx’ from the Egyptians.

The figure is pointing to the Michael and Mary pilgrims way and the Roseland Peninsular opposite Falmouth. Here St Anthony’s church displays a porch with sculptures pointing to Jesus’ visit with Joseph. Further South from where Arthur is galloping up from the powerful peninsular of Penwith with its many sacred stone sanctuaries.

IMAGES FROM THE PILGRIMAGE TO PENWITH AND THE ‘ROOT ‘CHAKRA OF MAIA - 24 -26 June 2022 - led by Peter & Sarah Dawkins, and Swami Aliananda Paramahansa (Beth Holman)

‘The great goddess of these Three Lands was known to the Celts as the Triple Goddess, Ceridwen. Her nine maidens or attendants breathe on the fire beneath the cauldron so as to keep the brew at the right temperature. The root chakra of the British Isles is a prime position for breathing on this fire, which lies beneath the cauldron, to help the land become beautiful and those within it, who partake of its magical potion, to achieve Awen.’

Chun Quoit (Jane Withers)
Many of these alignments are oriented astronomically.

Pilgrims at Carn Brae Beacon (Jane Withers)

View to St Michael’s Mount (Jane Withers)

Stone Cairn at Burbage Edge (Jane Withers)

We are contemporary followers in the steps of King Arthur, arranging our round table of our inner ‘creative selves’. In the same way, King Alfred took on the cloak of priest-king-sage later, after visiting Arthurian landscape ‘round tables’ such as Glastonbury, through the Wessex chakra temple up to the Capricornian zodiac, which could be seen as the ‘third eye’ of sovereignty. [see Anthony Thorley’s research into the Wessex Landscape Temple: https://gatekeeper.org.uk/2020/06/king-alfreds-landscape-journey-to-kingship/]


“Near Truro stands St Anthony in Roseland church, a pretty, steepled building which looks like many others of its era. It is not until the hieroglyphic carvings around the 1,000 year-old arched south door are examined that its secret is revealed. An analysis of their meaning by an archaeologist in the Seventies revealed striking results. Lewis writes: He interpreted the pictographs as telling of Jesus’s birth and his visit to Cornwall.”

Legends of Jesus visiting Cornwall appears to hae given rise to legends of King Arthur: Tintagel Castle, St. Nectan's Glen, the Rocky Valley, his final battle at Slaughterbridge….Camelford (a reputed site of Camelot), …King Arthur's Hall on Bodmin Moor and finally visit Dozmary Pool where King Arthur’s sword ‘Excalibur’ is reputed to lie.’ Other Arthurian connections include Castle an Dinas, Castle Dore and the Tristan Stone near the harbour town of Fowey.’ [https://www.visitcornwall.com/king-arthur-cornwall]

Is this the age-old story of our National hero forecasting a new Age of Aquarius? The vision of ‘One World and One People’ is a call to all people to learn to live in harmony on the planet, having been through tough times.

We certainly have come through Arthurian challenges of gaining our own ‘sovereignty’ and knighthood (creative tools for the new age). We have come to understand that collaborative work for a harmonious Natural environment and sharing of resources is just about the only way we will survive. But how do we proceed to face the year Aquarius starts to give power to us the people? Pluto is our power, and enters Aquarius in March, and from the 23rd we are challenged to master our own individual sovereignty and land-magic in the same way that King Alfred (Arthur and the knights of Cornwall) did before us.


Welcome to Belerion - 'the shining land' - a name given it by Greek historian Diodorus Siculus in 60 BCE and still pertinent today.

Aquarius in the British zodiac includes all the SW ‘foot’ of Britain, and the root of the ‘Maia’ Temple incorporating the Lizard Peninsular opposite Penwith and St Michael’s Mount. In 2016 Helen Angel and Charlotte Yonge made a four square pilgrimage in the Lizard Peninsular. Here is an excerpt from Helen’s feedback:

‘The Lizard peninsula is a separate land from the rest of Cornwall. It is magma formed from deep inside the earth below the Equator, which travelled north and joined the Cornwall landmass. It is has the unique red and green serpentine rock, which is said to raise the kundalini. This rock is not suitable for many plants so the heathland that grows in these areas have unique plants including orchids and butterflies. There are several areas on the Lizard Peninsula, the largest is at Goonhilly. In the centre is a large over 10'foot standing stone. I do not know of any other Standing stones on the Lizard Peninsula. In contrast to West Penwith which has more standing stones than anywhere else.

In Britain this stone seems to be a marker of the centre. It is very powerful strong and connected to the whole of the Lizard Peninsula …‘We felt that Penwith with its more masculine standing stones and hill forts is the polarity to the Lizard with its horizontal magma plateau and quieter more feminine energy. More nurturing and listening. We also thought that the spiral could be powered by the Michael Mary line on one side and the Apollo Athena line on the other.'

St Wynwallow Church Gunwalloe, Cornwall is a photograph by Terri Waters which was uploaded on January 15th, 2019. ‘the only church on the beach' https://fineartamerica.com/featured/st-wynwallow-church-gunwalloe-cornwall-terri-waters.html:

Halliggye Fogou
The experience is of a deep connection with the earth through the dark, cool, silent atmosphere of timelessness.

My first experience was under the ground at Carn during our first Michael Line pilgrimage in the 1980’s with George Trevelyan and Peter Dawkins.
‘The complex of passages has a roof and walls of stone, and is the largest and best-preserved of several mysterious tunnels associated with Cornish Iron Age settlements.’ [Wiki]

Carn Euny Fogou
Were these connected to Iron Age settlements as women’s initiation chambers?


The Legend of Brutus sets the scene for a new ‘Brit-anna’ or ‘Anna’s Land’. He lands in Totnes and names the town, before proceeding to key national settlements and announcing a new nation. It took some decades before King Alfred could ‘gather the people of Cornwall’ at the site of King Alfred’s Tower, defeat the Dances at Edington, and christened the Danish King Guthrun. Wessex was formed, and eventually Londinium became a national city linked to Europe through the ‘Gail Line’ of Arthurian round tables in the landscape.


MICHAELMAS CELEBRATION – South Hams group pilgrimage to Loddiswell near Kingsbridge, south Devon

(Sunshine and synchronicities throughout the day - and joy of reuniting the group made this pilgrimage feel very special) Here are their notes:

…An awareness of that great sun being, the Archangel Michael, coming close to the earth plane on this day. Perfect timing due to a delayed start at St Michael and All Angels Church, Loddiswell. I was thoroughly put out when the church door wasn't open and we were forced to start outside. However, this proved to be perfect as the sun shone on us as we attuned etc. and the "Keeper of the Keys" arrived at the perfect moment for us to walk up through the chakras inside the church.

Expansion of energies: we found the church had a very unloved feeling and the Throat and Ajna/brow chakras were very low in energy. After meditating in the choir stalls followed by some singing, some of us felt a definite lifting of the energies. Certainly, the energy line which Margaret had dowsed earlier had expanded by two paces. Some of us felt drawn to continuing to help the church in our own way from a distance.

Just as we were leaving, a friendly man appeared. He was a member of a group of locals , not necessarily church goers, who are trying to create ways of preserving this beautiful building by eg. holding events there. He was appreciative of our presence and was even open to dancing there!

A beautiful ceremony around the nearby well. Kathryn had just asked if many people collected water there when a couple appeared and unloaded numerous containers up to 20 litres each! They began and ended with thanking Lodd (Loddiswell) and his spring water.

Although dark clouds threatened, the sun continued to shine on us for our ceremony at Blackdown Rings. Margaret dowsed a strong wide energy line flowing straight through the middle of the Iron Age Fort from the west 'gateway' to the east. We danced, sang and had various relevant readings.
We grounded ourselves with tea and cakes to which Nigel and Margaret treated us. A lovely end to this very special day.
[All photos by Arthur Glendenning]

Window showing St Michael and the dragon: Church of St Michael and All Angels.

Pilgrim attunement at the well - Loddiswell.

The altar at the well, Loddiswell.

Attunement on the hillside, Loddiswell.

The Norman font at St Michael and all Angels.

There is evidence at the northern end of this parish that Blackdown hill was used by the Romans on the hill Blackdown Rings, a ring-and-bailey hill fort, may be the remains of a wooden fortress of the 12th century, not otherwise documented. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loddiswell]
Was this a place of purification at the well before entering the sacred landscape of Dartmoor?

‘Black’ relates to the earth goddess Black Annis, the Greek Demeter or Mother goddess, Black Madona or the ‘Black Dog/Cerebus guardian of the ‘underworld’. This symbolism of guardianship used to be used for those entering the sacred space, or entrance and in this case a gateway to the Dartmoor zodiac (se also Exmoor, Wiltshire, Kingston, Girt Dog of Langport, Glastonbury, all Zodiacs now being researched).


This Pilgrimage group is lead by Gatekeeper Trust members Michael and Helen Loxton, who I met in 1980’s in Hampshire on our first pilgrimage to the South Downs pilgrimage trail.

Each year the group of pilgrims meet for a shared lunch and to tune into the forthcoming annual programme.

  • We start with a candle attunement to the angels and ancestors, lifting up the light from the earth, and linking with light centres.
  • Then we share feedback from pilgrimages, and ideas for a new programme. We have lunch together to keep ideas flowing.
  • As we conclude with a draft of possible landscapes and sanctuaries to be agreed and planned, we have another meditation with gratitude and offering up the planned programme.
  • A rough outline is sent around to all the group members, for fine-tuning the details. Each pilgrimage leader is in charge of circulating details and organising meeting places, times for meditation etc.
  • Depending on the weather there can be last minute changes. Each event facilitator circulates details and keeps other members informed of changes.’

Home Landscape as personal ‘sanctuary’ and source of our inner sovereignty – a collaborative vision for Aquarius:

The Gatekeeper Trust brings Local Contacts together regularly, and our sharing of local home landscapes has resulted in a collection of personal slideshows, beginning with Jane Withers in Sussex. In time we will be able to create mini videos to share as ‘visual bites’, illustrating our more spontaneous investigations in our local landscape. Inspirations can come at any time, and quick camera-work is a good way to circulate initial visions.

Let us know if you would like to contribute to our online data-base.

Many thanks,

Editors: Charlotte Yonge and Rose Williams. January 2023


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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