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22/05/2018 - 29/05/2018

Angel Connection Week on Patmos island
with Haniel Sofia Rivière
From 22 to 29 May 2018 – For 10 people max

Arriving on Patmos for the first time, people often experience a feeling of ‘coming home’ overwhelmed by the beauty and the quiet spiritual atmosphere of the island. I arrived here five years ago and followed my heart’s calling to settle in this small and remote island where only 3000 inhabitants live all year round. Patmos is known through Greece as a holy island. Saint John, the beloved disciple of Jesus is believed to have been exiled here and heard the voice of God in a cave. He received the visions described in the text of Revelation which forms the last book of the Bible.
Even in the antiquity, Patmos was already revered as a holy place since it was dedicated to the Goddess Artemis and two acropolis existed then on hill tops – on one of them is now built the monastery of Saint John and the site of the other can be found hidden away from the touristic path, in the middle of nature. Patmos is an ideal place for connecting with our Angelic guides as the Archangel Michael’s line crosses the island from East to West (see map). I will share with you my experience of angel connections and will guide you, each day with channelled meditations and visualisations whilst connecting with the powerful energy points of the island. We will focus on the significance of the 72 names, facets of the divine and more particularly on the eight sacred names which are linked to the energy and mission of the Archangel Michael. The small number of participants will allow us to create a safe space for sharing and to build some flexibility in the programme. There will be opportunity for individual sessions. The aim of the week is for you to feel empowered to connect with more confidence with your angelic guides.

Cost of the Week :

€756 per person
which includes: seven nights in the hotel in shared double rooms, breakfasts, all lunches, the dinner on the first day, the last dinner before departure, the daily seminars, the guided visits, tickets to sites, and transport with two hired cars.

Not included : the trip to and from Patmos, your insurance, 5 dinners and the drinks.
Accommodation is at Villa Knossos www.villaknossos.com

Ask Haniel Sofia for your application form haniel.sofia@me.com

Connecting consciously with the Angels of Light may bring you many blessings:

you are reassured that you are not alone – Angelic protection and guidance are real;
you realise that you can ask for help to dissolve your fears and move forward;
you are more able to listen to your inner guidance and
act on it;
you become more aware of the divine in the little things, the uncanny perfect timings in your everyday life;
you are more focused on the now – the only space which enables change.

The Programme for the Week

1) Daily seminars on angelic connections and the Archangel Michael in our small group
(10 participants max)

2) The visit of sacred sites on Patmos – including visits to the Cave of the Apocalypse, the medieval Monastery of St John and significant energetic points of the island to inspire and facilitate meditation (see details programme)

3) Free time most afternoons to swim, walk and relax in an exceptionally peaceful and beautiful

4) Optional individual sessions for angelic connection with Haniel Sofia

Daily seminar on angel connection

Our daily seminars will last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.
We will explore the different choir of angels and the eight facets of the Archangel Michael’s energy

The techniques will include:

word of powers or mantra from the Holy Scriptures,
guided meditations,
moudra (sacred hand gestures helping to get into a
specific meditative state),
specific encens fumigation,
the power of colours,
the power of sound,
and the symbolism from the sacred archetypes of the zodiac, the Tree of Life and the Wheel of Life.
We may decide on some period in the week to remain in silence to help integrate the experience.

Testimonials from seminars

“It’s one thing to possess depth of knowledge on any subject, but quite another thing to be able to share it in a way that inspires and enthuses the listener. As a guide and workshop facilitator, this is where Haniel Sofia excels. Her passion for her subject is infectious and, combined with her warm and clear delivery, it becomes easy to absorb the wealth of knowledge and experience that she has to share about her beloved Patmos and about the Angels. I and my group of eight retreatants were enchanted by Haniel Sofia. Her contribution to our Patmos experience was beyond price.”
Ian Graham from England, author and group facilitator

Testimonials from individual Angel Seminars sessions

“Haniel is not only an incredible qualified expert, she is much more than this. She guided me with passion and kindness through this journey inside of me. Knowing my Angels I had the chance to get deeper in touch with my soul and with the soul of the world. Thanks to this I felt myself like part of something bigger and I stopped of being afraid because I really feel that I’m never alone. It is a priceless feeling that changed my life forever. I highly recommend this experience ”
Agnese from Rome‘Haniel Sofia lives what she talks about. I could experience two ‘Angel Work individual sessions’ with her. In every session you receive personal Angel names who guide and assist you. Haniel Sofia is guiding you with lots of information that you can use for your daily life and spiritual development. It works in a deep way and Haniel Sofia’s Voice is like an Angel’s Voice when she sings your personal Angel’s names. I did two sessions on Patmos during a retreat/Seminar …the other two sessions I can do with Skype. I will certainly continue this journey with her because the way Haniel Sofia talks about Angels is very profound, it is helping me to see more clearly the purposes of the Life I have chosen.’
Hugo Van Verdegem, Psychologist/Life & Energycoach – Belgium

Angel Connection on Patmos island
22 – 29 May 2018

Important Information

How to reach Patmos?
There is no airport on Patmos. The most common way to travel to Patmos is by flying to Athens and then take a ferry from Piraeus, the port of Athens. The crossing lasts approximately 9 hrs.
Usually on Tuesdays the ferry leaves around 3pm, leaving you the time to reach Athens with a morning flight, allowing about 1h30 for the transfer from the airport to the port by taxi. There is also the possibility to take the bus (x96) or the metro.
Alternatively, you may want to travel to a nearby island which has an international airpot like Kos or Samos and then the crossing will be much shorter (about 3 hours).
The ferry company is called Blue Star Ferry : www.bluestarferries.com

The meals
The lunches and the two dinners which are included in the programme will be vegetarian – with the possibility of adding some fish dishes.

Moments of silence
The aim of this retreat week is to help create a scared personal inner-space. We will be able to use an ancient chapel adjacent to our hotel, for some time of personal recollection. Others may prefer to meditate or take some time in nature. This will help us be in the present and to feel an inner harmony. This week is about escaping from our daily life occupations to listen to our inner space. The first step is to say ‘yes’ to ourselves and to allow our Higher self to be heard. An opportunity to open our heart, simply by being, and sharing with each other, allowing the magic of Patmos to operate.

How to apply

Please contact Haniel Sofia Rivière : haniel.sofia@me.com to get an application form.


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