Wheel of Life Events 2018

List of events for 2018 – Please apply to the secretary for further information and local reports.


  • January 2nd – Pilgrimage to Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire – Sarah Dawkins
  • January 6th – Circle Dancing with Rosie Brennan – St Mary’s Paddington
  • January 27th – Circle Dancing ‘Emerging Light, New Beginnings’ at St Lawrence’s Church, Winchester, 2-4pm with Barbara Driscoll; 4-5.30pm Lantern walk round Winchester Cathedral with Angela Shaw and Charlotte Yonge.


  • January 31st – Pilgrimage and Peace Lantern Walk to Stanton Drew Stone Circles, Wiltshire – Sarah Dawkins, Angela Shaw and Charlotte Yonge
  • March 1st – River Pilgrimage at Dulverton, Exe Valley, Exmoor, West Somerset – Katherine Armitage and Charlotte Yonge


  • March 2nd – Pilgrimage to Leominster Priory – Charlotte Yonge March 17th – Pilgrimage in South Wales – Jane Embleton
  • March 17th – Pilgrimage in South Wales – Jane Embleton


  • April 3rd – Pilgrimage to Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle and Wrekin Hill, Shropshire – Charlotte Yonge
  • April 9th – Circle Dancing 11am-1pm at St David’s Cathedral, The Close, St David’s, Pembrokeshire SA62 6RD – Jane Bayley


  • April 30th – Pilgrimage to ‘The Dream’, Sutton Manor, Saint Helens, Lancashire – Sarah Dawkins


  • May 29th – Pilgrimage to the Bullstones Stone Circle, Macclesfield – Charlotte Yonge


  • Jun 30th – July 1st – Pilgrimage and Retreat to Arbor Low Stone Circle – Vicky Wade
  • July 3rd – Circle Dancing in Otley Parish Church, West Yorkshire, at 7.30 pm – Janet Lockwood


  • July 27th – York – Rose Williams


  • August 26th – Lincoln – Rose Williams


  • September 25th – Barsham, Suffolk – Caroline Weatherby


  • October 24th – Colchester – Julia Cleave


  • November 23rd – London – Phyllis Santamaria