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The Solitary Pilgrim

A group pilgrimage is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. It necessarily involves a pre-set time, a pre- set location, maybe a pre-planned focus, and hopefully a convivial watering hole at the… Read More

Stories and Stones

The Fabrick or Feebrick is a prominent landmark in NE Derbyshire from which 5 counties are visible. It is an outcrop of millstone grit which faces over a landscape that… Read More

SAGITTARIUS – Reflections on the Thames

Pilgrimage to Spirit of Place, Community and Learning 2021-12-18: St Martin-in-the-Fields to St Paul’s Our fourth Sagittarius Pilgrimage, graced by Three Pilgrims- Roberta Ardern, Prue Whelan and Phyllis SantaMaria, was… Read More

Sunset to moonrise at Arbor Low

On 22nd November Vivienne and Mike Newton and Jane Lewis were drawn to the ancient stone circle of Arbor Low near Buxton, Derbyshire. Jane’s guidance from dreams and dowsing led… Read More

Uffington – Spine of Albion

Uffington Sunday 31st October 2021 Midday: Sending healing energy along the ancient Spine of Albion to the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow. Angela Shaw and Gail Smalley Many thanks to… Read More

Wheel of Life Samhain Pilgrimage

London Saturday, 30th October, 2021 Nine of us met this year, all women. After introductions, intention setting, etc. we set off through St Paul’s Churchyard to find the hidden stone… Read More