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Wheel of Life Full Moon Meditation – VIRGO


12 noon, local time, Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020
Sun in Virgo, the Craftsman; Moon in Pisces, the Mystic.


On Saturday 14th September, 2019, there were 12 of us at Heartwoods, Lincolnshire, on a lovely sunny autumn day. We honoured the Harvest moon and the Sun in Virgo by making a harvest altar full of offerings. We then shared food around the fire and passed round a chalice of blackberry mead. Afterwards
we circle danced in the woods, and as the evening fell, we reluctantly went home.

On Sunday 15th September we met at the hamlet of Wasps Nest where Jane lives. There are 5 houses at the end of a mile-long road, surrounded by Beeswax farms, full of sweet corn, potatoes and harvested wheat, appropriate to Virgo and her sheaf of corn. Jane had permission from the farm to take us firstly to the site of the ruins of a priory built during the reign of King Stephen (1135 - 1154) and dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. There we could see wonderful views of the Lincolnshire landscape, with much harvesting taking place and boats on the ancient River Witham where archaeologists have recently found artefacts dating back 12,000 years. We walked the site and sang together to honour the place and picnicked together.

In the afternoon we pilgrimaged deep into the ancient autumn woodland behind the old priory and visited the Nine Guardians, an old oak tree mentioned in the Doomsday Book, as well as meeting the carved statue called Lady in the Woods.

A wonderful weekend honouring Virgo and the Full Moon on the landscape of Lincolnshire.

Pisces 'the inner mystic and intuitive sensitive' with Virgo 'craftsman of earth's beauty'. Our inner 'perfectionist' can niggle, but partnered with our inner mystic becomes a true lover of beauty.


Rose Williams
Local Contact for Virgo

Thank you, Rose for a wonderful memory....and how exciting that you are leading a Full Moon pilgrimage – here is the link https://gatekeeper.org.uk/events/celebrating-the-sun-in-virgo/

As we link in our meditation across the British landscape, the theme that arises is the solar questing in Virgo – our ‘inner craftsman’ for perfection and beauty, and the Piscean (lunar) intuitive response which is the Mystic certainty within us that inspires a yearning or perfect love and nurture. We craft our world through observing and mirroring perfect timing and harmony of Nature’s 'growth impulse' within us. This quality of imagination gives birth to a 'magical imagination' and sense of our own generative power to create new form in harmony with Nature.

Our yearning for perfect (unconditional) mothering brings us closer to understanding that we are always in the perfect place at the right time for what mother earth offers us.

Pilgrimage to Ludow 2020: Crafted collage capturing the wholeness of landscape forms reflected in architecture - the energy of the river flowing through us into the images found in the Parish church of St Lawrence.


The landscape flow and as living geometry:
the light forms geometric shapes on the woodland and river,
which are recreated in the church roof.

What is it that we can craft through Her flow of inspiration? Walking through beautiful landscapes and feeling uplifted, re-created, by Her divine forgetfulness, brings us a bodily synchronization that is so powerful that our minds cannot resist the healing power streaming through our feet. Here we are, refining our perception of the subtle beauty of life’s innate ecstasy, and along with its spontaneous guidance, crafting is effortless, as our vision of harmony guides and flows through our creative actions.

Pilgrimage to Heddon River valley 2019.

[This came to hand at the right time for us to link through sound to the past: A Medieval map of choirs bridge with sound either side of the Severn Estuary]

Trusting spontaneous coincidences: A subtle dimension of friends and guides call for our creative and growing powers to be shared with reflections of beauty. As pilgrims of Life, we are already a community of mystics and healers, seeing with inner vision now to channel the swirls of beauty in our lives.

What bridges can we craft at this time of great change?

[Singing to the rocks - where the Heddon River and Severn Estuaries meet]

Charlotte Yonge
with pilgrims on Wheel of Life events in 2019 and 2020.


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