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The White Horses Ride

07/07/2017 - 21/07/2017

Date: The ride will begin on 7th July, and end on 21st July, 2017

There will be several key points along the way when we will invite interested parties to join us in our ‘vision quest’. These ‘events’ will be posted on the blog and facebook pages:

  • www.whitehorsesride.wordpress.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/whitehorsesride

For more information, Caro Woods can be contacted via email / mobile: caro@carowoods.co.uk / 077135 92935

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The White Horses Ride : A Vision Quest for Peace, is a project conceived by artist, Caro Woods, to undertake an equine pilgrimage to visit the White Horse, hill-cut figures of Wiltshire and Uffington.

She invited two of her friends, both seasoned travellers with horses, to join her in this vision quest: vet, Janet Bradshaw and artist, Sophy White, all three horsewomen, united by their combined love of horses and a desire for spiritual adventure. The newest member of the team is artist, Angela Shaw. Angela will act as chief photographer and she has also kindly agreed to be part of the back-up team when she can manage it.

This pilgrimage is a circular journey, making daily excursions to the sites from a base, our pathway forming petal shapes in the landscape. The idea of petals grew into the theme of the ‘White Poppy’, the white poppy being an appropriate symbol for peace and harmony (in preference to the red poppy for remembrance). The idea to scatter white native field poppy seeds along the way seemed like a perfect way to ‘broadcast’ our message, much of our route taking us over the chalky slopes of the Marlborough Downs and the ancient Ridge Way, ideal conditions for native field poppies to grow.


If anyone is interested in joining us for a stretch along the way, either riding, walking, or bicycling, we will be publishing our itinerary of dates, times and places for possible join-up points.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to participate in this project, they can also:

  • send us messages of peace, or peace quotes to add to our 'book of peace’, already started at the launch event last year
  • donate a white ribbon, or piece of cloth to add to our banner or mandala for peace
  • invite interested people to attend one of our ‘ white horse’ visits


If you would like us to keep you posted on any of these events please follow the blog or facebook page (see above) or contact us on:


Tickets will not be issued but a suggested donation of £5 would be appreciated to go towards the RDA for the kind use of their field.

N.B. The organisers do not hold any responsibility for individuals safety at any time!


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