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05/06/2020 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

‘Harmony and Joy’

Celebrating a lunar eclipse with the Sun in Gemini, the ‘Innovator’, and the Moon in Sagittarius, the ‘Teacher’
12 noon JUNE 5th 2020

A Bullstones Pilgrimage, 2018, in Gemini -

In 2018 a group of five pilgrims visited the Bullstones Circle, in the Peak District, and explored how to respond to the beauty of the landscape through a peace lantern attunement and poetry. Photos were also taken to enhance our reminiscence of this wonderful interaction with the spirit of the landscape.

The Bullstone Circle Centre Stone with ‘light cradle’ of Peace Lanters, aligned with Shutlingsloe Hill.

It was a windy day with magnificent visibility in all directions: To the East and North Wales landscape, to the North a Shuttingsloe (Cheshire), to the West Lud’s Church (Peaks), and to the South towards Tittersworth Reservoir, Buxton, Derbyshire.

After attuning, we created a poem to the spirit of the land, practicing flexible imagination. This quested the ‘angel’s whisper’ of intuition that the beauty of the landscape elicited within us: it was the experience of letting go our shadows, and allowing the beauty to take their place. Then we made a ‘light cradle’ of lanterns around the centre stone. Our response to the angel was to replay through the medium of art, the ‘container of wisdom’ to mirror its beauty.

The nettle feels the wind,
Scudding cloud shadows,
Sunlight, sharp shadows.
Wind waving grasses,
Stones and sheep wool,
Hold the majesty of the holding hills

Blue haze horizon stretches away,
Sunlight, sharp shadows of waving grass,
Stones and sheep wool.
Stone-still silence,

The dreaming landscape
awakens within our walk,
within our poetry,
and our lacing lantern light,
and the sheep sleep,
the crags leap.
as we lay our shadows down.

The angel replied
‘Whatever you have done or not done,
The nettle feels the wind:
I am still here,
Whether or not you believe,
Is nothing to me.’

By The Bullstones Pilgrims 2018.

(For guidance on creating poetry in a group, or alone, here is a link to: Poem Prompts)

Another Gemini Pilgrimage

Wheel Of Life Pilgrimage to Lud’s Church in The Peak District, 2019.

Many place names in our landscape are dedicated to Lud the god of light – Lud’s Church is a chasm in the rocks nearby. Rivers and wells weave connecting links with the complex patterns of our landscape zodiac.

Gemini for me is about reviving an oral and visual tradition that celebrates the beauty of our landscapes. In this mysterious place of spiritual power and presence, we feel stripped down to our bare essential senses, enclosed in the guardian elements, and perhaps god Lugh Himself who must have been worshiped here in millennia past.

Lud’s Church is a crevasse in the hillside, which allows a path through the sheer rock-face cliffs in semi darkness. The earth smells rich, the damp rock emanates an ancient sense of permanency and protection, as we walk in silence to commune with the moss and damp atmosphere. Above, the crest of hills overlooking the Peak District rose serene and expectant. Walking from the depths of the rocky earth-altar, after deep rumination, we see light differently. Our innocent eyes are amazed at the horizons, as all mental chatter is stilled, into stuff of fond memories that have no words, just images.

Lud’s Church [courtesy August Schwerdfeger, Wikipedia: ‘Lud's Church, a very narrow ravine in England's Peak District National Park, reputed to be the model for the "Green Chapel" in the medieval poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight."

May 2020

In May, 2020 we linked with the Taurus theme of ‘building a good dream’ and this quest lead us to the lunar ‘intuitive’ answer at the opposite side of the zodiac, the Moon in Scorpio... what does our intuition say about being a good builder of dreams? For me, if Truth is Beauty, then the whole of our zodiac cycle is about engaging and responding to Beauty with our heart-felt love. This is my dream.

This month we are influenced by Gemini and Sagittarius, the Twins and the Centaur.

Peter Dawkins once taught - “Harmony is the child of opposites”. If we can reconcile the opposites of the Twins, then we become harmonious. Harmony produces light, which we experience as Joy. As gatekeepers, perhaps our shared dream is for harmony and healing in ourselves and in the land.

Here is a link to where Peter describes for us his deeper understanding of the deep wisdom of the Twins ['Gemini and Polarity’ by Peter Dawkins]

The ‘Wheel of Life’ can be seen an ancient ‘faithscape’ (‘Revisioning the Earth’ by Paul Devereux) or map of paths that reflect inner transformation of those seeking enlightenment. These maps of our ancestors reveal their inner path of faith, and how they encapsulated their intuitive vision within heroic myths such as King Arthur’s Round Table, the stone circles where gatherings generated potent inspiration, or the ‘dragon paths’ and caves, where individuals followed their inner path of transformation.

Here is an interesting link from Tamayra Hayman, a gatekeeper from Australia, about re-visioning the song lines. The meditation is a powerful way to heal and be healed in our ‘faithscape’, using sound...our unique sound. The deadline for the project has been extended to July. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJilwXfRHrY&feature=youtu.be

Our quest for enlightenment in the landscape generates personal enquiry: How does the full moon in Sagittarius, ‘The Teacher’, help us understand this quality of ‘Beauty’, as the fabric of our incarnate experience on earth with all its creative and geometric precision and perfection? During this time of challenges and changes facing us today, what does our inner guide tell us? How does our creative ‘Innovator’ express our intuitive responses? Perhaps past pilgrimages will inspire us.

Editors: Charlotte Yonge, with members of our publication support group. Gatekeeper Wheel of Life Project
25th May, 2020.


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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