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1ST OCTOBER, 2020 – 12 NOON

- TURNING THE WHEEL OF LIFE DURING THE FULL MOON- (ARIES full moon reflecting the sun opposite, brings passion of purposes to all things Libra:

Pilgrimage 2018: The labyrinth at Wensum Park, Norwich.

AUTUMN EQUINOX 2020 – Celebrating the Autumn Equinox on September 24th – with Caroline Weatherby.

Ely Cathedral, 2008.

Circle Dancing at Ely Cathedral with Suzy Straw, 2009.

We will start by the waterfront and wind our way up the hill from the River Great Ouse towards Ely Cathedral, the “Ship of the Fens”.

Our Pilgrimage will include walking the LABYRINTH in the Cathedral.
[Click here for more details].

In preparation for the full moon attunement, this group has planned a pilgrimage at the Equinox, a few days before the moon's ‘balancing act’ in full rendezvous with the sun. Here is Caroline’s explanation:

Norfolk and part of Suffolk and Cambridge fall within the landscape zodiac sign of Libra. The East Anglian Gatekeeper Group are having fun exploring different places within the Libra area, to celebrate, and are combining this with our Autumn Equinox pilgrimages. We have been doing pilgrimages in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex at the Solstices and Equinoxes for twenty years now. Many of us used to dance in Norwich Cathedral with Susie Straw, when she was dancing her way round the Wheel of Life in the early years. It is nice to continue honouring this, bringing it into our programme of pilgrimage events. It's interesting that the sign of Libra, with it's two scales, has two Cathedrals within it's landscape area. This year we will be at beautiful Ely Cathedral, which has the least altered monastic buildings in Europe. We will also be two groups of six, so manifesting those two scales, you could say!Pilgrimages 2017-2018

A group lead by Carline Weatherby has been celebrating the Solar Festivals of the year for over 20 years, in the British landscape Zodiac sign of Libra.

Timeline of pilgrimages: 2017 - sacred sound/song group ‘Anam Cara’

A meditation in song and dance with Anam Cora with six singers who blend their voices, to reflect harmony, compassion and balance, in song and chant and silence. There will be a pilgrimage in the morning in Beccles.]

Anam Cara singers at Barsham Church, Suffolk, 2017.

‘We had an exceptional "Wheel of Life" day on the Equinox last Friday 22nd September. The sun shone on us as we walked along the Angles Way in Beccles from St Michaels Church and along the river Waveney for about 2 miles, stopping to sing and to check where we were on the Michael line.

Then after a break for refreshments, we went to the Church of the Hoy Trinity in Barsham for a sung meditation with Anam Cora, and to see the famous Equinox Illumination, when the sun comes through a tiny window in the back of the church and lights up figures on the rood screen for approximately 15 minutes.

Inside the church we had no idea if the sun was still shining, but at the appointed moment the singing stopped. As we sat and waited, for what seemed like several minutes, suddenly a golden glow came over the figure of Mary on the rood screen! Starting on her right side and moving to her heart and head. It got stronger and stronger, till it lit up the figure of Jesus to her left, and through the screen to a gold cross on the alter behind. Then it very gradually moved away. We couldn't have asked for a more spectacular "showing". It was very moving. The singing began again gently with "Adoramus te O Christe" in parts and we ended with everyone singing together, a Russian Peace chant and Sine Alelu from Ireland.’

Editors: Caroline Weatherby and Charlotte Yonge 2020.


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