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For the Love of London


Join us on a celebratory walk to re-ignite the Heart of London, the newly restored LONDON STONE.

Sunday 4 November, 11am and 1.55pm

London Stone, its origin and purpose unknown, has been identified as a "mark stone" on several ley lines passing through central London. It is considered an essential element in London's "Sacred Geometry".

Dr. John Dee, astrologer, occultist and advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1, was fascinated but the supposed powers of the London Stone and lived close to it for a while and may have included pieces of it in alchemical experiments. William Blake insisted it was a place of solemn sacrifice in ancient times and others believe that it was the stone from which King Arthur pulled the sword to reveal that he was rightful king.

At 11.30am we will lead a deeply mediative Hallows Walk that will connect our hearts to the wisdom of the stone, balancing and healing the diverse energies of London as we progress, then at 1.55pm we will lead a celebratory procession calling in all the positive qualities we would like to see thrive in the heart of our fair city!

Whether Roman milestone or Druid alter it is important that our ancient and mysterious London Stone be recognised as a talismanic Monument in which the city's safety and wellbeing are embodied, for the ancient proverb says:

"So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish"

Hope us  welcome back our distinguished and most ancient guardian to its new home across from Cannon Street Station, 111 Cannon Street, London.

To join the celebration and for more information please contact jeremy@jeremyrye.com or theaoifenally@gmail.com


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