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VIRGO – Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance

14/09/2019 - 15/09/2019

Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance
Honouring Virgo on the Land through the woods, farmland and sacred place.

Saturday 14th September
2.30 – 4.30pm

We will meet at Heartwood Woods to honour the land and full moon with circle dance and song.

If the weather is wet or windy there is shelter to use in the woods.

For direction, please contact Jane on 01526 320086 or 07570 998 959

Sunday 15 September

Meet at 5 Wasps Nest, LN4 2AZ
We will meet at Jane and Nick’s house at this time of harvest and fruitfulness, we will honour Virgo and her sheaf of corn on the Landscape of Lincolnshire (known as the breadbasket of England). We will pilgrimage through woods and fields, as well honouring an ancient 9 trunked oak tree known as the Nine Guardians, deep in Nocton Woods, picnicking and visiting the ruins of old priory built during the reign of King Stephen (1135 – 1154) and dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. Bring food and drink to share for the picnic. There are cycling and walking options. Please let Jane know if you would like to borrow a bike.

Part of the Wheel of Life Programme 2019 – for Virgo


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