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AQUARIUS PILGRIMAGE – ‘The Archer’s Target’


With Sarah Dawkins and Charlotte Yonge

STANTON DREW STONE CIRCLES aligned with the mid-winter sunrise, will give us a new perspective on the ‘model of the universe’ which King Bladud set up as a Bardic academy. We honour the archer who holds the arrow of vision and how the three stone circles act like a fist, holding a seed vision like the sacred archer of wisdom. Where does the arrow aim for, what is the secret of the landscape of the British Zodiac, was it designed to portray the myths of wisdom and enlightenment and what do these mean for us today?

The story of King Bladud tells of how he transformed into the poet Abaris, attempting to fly over to Caer Troia (London) but crashed on the ‘white hill’ (Tower of London). Was this an initiatory metaphor of enlightenment, or just a description of the larger landscape design of integrated sacred sites laid down as geometric metaphor before history was recorded? BRING POETRY AND mandala making materials, with lanterns.

We meet at the Druids Arms between 11 and 11.30 at the Sanctuary next to the car park if the weather is dry. Wear warm clothes and bring a flower celebration of your choice, to honour the lunar eclipse, symbolic of a new start, sowing the seeds of Aquarius into the land to consolidate all our human heart- felt dreams for the new, affectionate alliance with Nature: this is a theatre of the Aquarian dreamers welcoming the power of truth and beauty in the world.

Contact the Secretary, Gatekeeper Trust, www.gatekeeper.org.uk;
or Charlotte Yonge E: charlotteyonge@gmail.com.


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