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Annual Conference 2021 – ONLINE



Walking The Green Path

Our Annual Conference will once again be an online virtual event.

Speakers: Peter Dawkins, David Lorimer, Saira Salmon, Sam Lee, Helen Woodsford-Dean, Sarah Dawkins, Marko Pogačnik, Louise Coe

Image Credit: Fire Seed by Walter Bailey

Tickets - Recordings available here:

Recordings for this event are available here:

General Admission - £30 Friends of GKT - £20 Concessions
For concessions - please contact secretary@gatekeeper.org.uk

"Thank you all for a wonderful, inspirational day."

"... a truly inspired conference, thanks so much everyone, it all had a poetic, visionary impact that was absolutely lovely."

"I was so glad to tune in online because I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise. I loved every moment of it and the wisdom of this deep and true way of relating to the spirit of the land."

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us all."

MORNING PROGRAMME: 10am - 12.30pm

Peter Dawkins - “The Land is the Grail”
Peter will introduce the idea that the land itself is a grail, as are each of us, and that the path of the grail is the ‘green’ initiatory path of service that can create the Holy Grail.

Saira Salmon - “The Dreamer in the Land”
Saira will talk of her understanding of the role of the Dreamer in the Land, the true lineage of being human and how working in harmony with the land and our nature can help us to connect to this authentic expression of ourselves as we take on the interdimensional mantle of the Dreamer and co-creation of the New Earth.

David Lorimer - “Living in Harmony with the Earth - An Evolutionary Imperative”
Humanity has created a profound evolutionary challenge to its own survival by eroding the support systems on which all life depends. We now need two profound revolutions: a regeneration revolution and an ethical revolution of love if we are to live in harmony with each other and with the Earth, as many indigenous cultures have done since time immemorial.


Marko Pogačnik - “Accelerated Dance of the Earth Changes"
During the last two years the Earth has accelerated her transforming processes. A severe counter-action followed which is expressed in various ways and most especially in the health arena. How to preserve our human identity in the face of the chaotic situation? Where are the keys to the planet of peace?

Helen Woodsford-Dean - “Orkney - the Old Golden Land?”
Helen will talk about pilgrimage to Orkney in general terms (macrocosm). She will also talk about traditional linear pilgrimage, with reference to walking the St Magnus Way and will then share her experiences of lockdown walking to the crannog (cyclical pilgrimage and microcosm).

Louise Coe & Sam Lee - “Renewing our Relationship with Water”
Louise will talk about water consciousness and how we can be guided by water when we listen.

Sam, lover of rivers, especially chalk streams and passionate conservationist, will discuss the pilgrimage work he has been doing to bring people into closer connection with some of the most precious rivers in the UK.

Sarah Dawkins - “Walking the Green Path”
Sarah will share some explorations and pilgrimage experiences within her local landscape which include the Rollright Stones and the home of Guy – the archetypal pilgrim!



Peter and Sarah Dawkins co-direct the Zoence Academy & Mystery School and are founder members of the Gatekeeper Trust. Peter is a philosopher, author, lecturer, visionary, geomancer and a Baconian and Shakespearean scholar. Sarah organises pilgrimages and workshops within the Zoence Academy. One of Sarah's special interests and expertise is Paneurhythmy, a form of dance-yoga, and the wisdom behind it. www.zoence.co.uk

Saira Salmon What is wellbeing? What ails us? Finding the answers to these questions has led Saira on a lifelong quest through the many layers of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A student of the ancient mystery teachings and the myths and stories which define and illuminate our struggles, today Saira teaches and seeks to disseminate knowledge of the deep metaphysical truths which underpin our reality and directly bear on our ability to successfully surf the changing energies of the times ahead. www.sairasalmon.com

David Lorimer is a writer, lecturer. poet and editor. Having pressed the 'eject' button from a career in banking at the age of 24, David embarked on a quest for wisdom and deeper understanding of life. Since then, he has devoted himself to education in the broadest sense. He has been described as one of our cultural treasures. David is a founder of Character Education Scotland, programme director of the Scientific Medical Network and former President of the Wrekin Trust and the Swedenborg Society. His latest publication is ‘A Quest for Wisdom’, a book of essays inspiring purpose on the path of life. David hopes that readers will be inspired, as Dr Albert Schweitzer put it, in our common task ‘to become more finely & deeply human.’ www.davidlorimer.co.uk

Marko Pogačnik lives in Šempas, Slovenia. He works in the field of art combined with integral ecology (geomancy). He has developed a method of Earth healing called “lithopuncture” with stones standing on specific points with carved cosmograms. Last books in English: Christ Power and Earth Wisdom, Dancing with the Earth Changes, Creating Gaia Culture. www.markopogacnik.com

Helen Woodsford-Dean spent her earlier years in southern England as a lecturer in archaeology, specialising in the prehistory of the British Isles. She moved to Orkney in her early 40’s and now works as a tourist guide, mainly providing tours for those visitors to Orkney who travel as part of a spiritual pilgrimage. She also works as a pagan celebrant providing life rituals including baptisms, weddings and funerals as well as open ceremonies to celebrate the turning of the year at the stone circles in Orkney. Helen is an active member of the Scottish Green Party. www.spiritualorkney.co.uk

Louise Coe is event organiser for Gatekeeper’s Annual Conference. She works with water by giving talks and water events and supplying holistic solutions for healthy drinking water. Louise also runs a space clearing practise. www.louiseflower.com

Sam Lee plays a unique role in the British music scene. A highly inventive and original singer, folk song interpreter, passionate conservationist and committed song collector. Alongside his organisation, The Nest Collective and fellow collaborators, Sam has shaken up the live music scene breaking the boundaries between folk and contemporary music and the assumed place and way folksong is heard, inviting in a new listenership but also interrogating what the messages in these old songs hold for us today. Sam is currently touring Old Wow, his latest critically acclaimed album, and has a new book out The Nightingale, notes on a songbird' telling the epic tale of this highly endangered bird and their place in culture folklore, folksong, music and literature throughout the millennia. www.samleesong.co.uk

Image Credit: FireSeed by Walter Bailey
In Walter's practice he explores and celebrates his connection to the collective intelligence of the living world. Whilst acknowledging the violence of ecocide on human and nonhuman communities he is seeking to create forms redolent of hope and gratitude for life, a path towards a broken belonging. www.walterbaileysculpture.com

Tickets - Recordings available here:

Recordings for this event are available here:

General Admission - £30 Friends of GKT - £20 Concessions
For concessions - please contact secretary@gatekeeper.org.uk


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