COVID-19 and Guided Pilgrimages

The Gatekeeper Trust adheres to government COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Those choosing to make pilgrimage with us must follow government regulations while on pilgrimage with us, as well as following our guided pilgrimage-specific advice below.

As organised ‘outdoor physical activity events’, Gatekeeper Trust guided pilgrimages are exempt from the restrictions on social gatherings, known as the ‘rule of six’ in England (from 14 September) We are able to offer a maximum of 30 places on our guided pilgrimages at present, in accordance with this exemption. Having said this, pilgrims wishing to attend our events must follow the proceeding protocols:

Check for symptoms:

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, you must not attend the pilgrimage. Contact us as soon as is practically possible if this is the case. We will deal with refunds in this eventuality on a case-by-case basis. If you develop symptoms after the pilgrimage, apply for a COVID-19 test and support NHS contact tracing if requested. If NHS contact tracers ask for the details of anyone on the walk, please put them in touch with us:

Bring a mask:

While pilgrims are not required to wear a mask while walking, it is necessary that you wear a mask when entering enclosed spaces – for example, churches. Have a mask to hand for moments such as these.

Maintain social distancing:

Pilgrims should be mindful of the ‘1 meter plus’ guidance on social distancing, particularly when entering enclosed spaces.

Bring hand sanitizer:

Pilgrims should bring their own hand sanitizer and use it whenever they see fit. In particular, sanitizer should be used before and after entering enclosed spaces and before eating or drinking.

Don’t touch!

Where possible, avoid touching stiles, gates, doors, etc – and sanitize as soon as possible when you do.

Consider your journey:

How will you travel to and from the pilgrimage? If using public transport, consider the regulations you will need to follow while traveling. Make sure you book any tickets in advance, as a lot of public transport is working at reduced capacity.

Don’t share!

We usually encourage pilgrims to bring food to share, but at present this can’t be recommended. We look forward to the moment when pilgrims can hand food to each other, and share snacks – but until then, we have to ask you not to share.

Pilgrims should also note that the Gatekeeper Trust will cancel guided pilgrimage events if government guidelines change such that our activities are no longer permissible. If this happens, pilgrims who have booked tickets with us will be fully reimbursed.