Hello fellow gatekeepers

I am so sorry that Jane Withers is leaving us - she has done such brilliant work here with her monthly Wheel of Life mailings and her work with all the local contacts. It has really brought us all together and kept us informed.

Thank you so much Jane!

I was asked if I could help going forward. As I work full time, I said I would try and help Charlotte with the monthly mailings as they are close to my heart, both as a local contact and also having pilgrimaged around the British landscape zodiac with Suzy Straw and then with Clare Higson.

I am lucky to live in Lincolnshire where we have always had a strong following for Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance and have continued to celebrate Virgo on the Zodiac Landscape with dancing, meditation, and pilgrimage.

Thank you, Jane. You will be hard to follow and sorely missed. I hope you will keep in touch. Travel well on your exciting new journey.

In Lincolnshire we celebrated the Full Moon and Spring Equinox by pilgrimaging through local woodland...

...and we wove woollen balls whilst singing songs of peace.

Rose Williams
Local Contact for Virgo

2 thoughts on “Hello fellow gatekeepers”

  1. angela says:

    Wonderful to have you picking up Jane’s outreach mantle Rose and keeping the flow of inspiration and information going – thank you and so many thanks to Jane for all she has done for the Gatekeeper Trust. Angela

  2. Angela Shaw says:

    Welcome Rose – we look forward to walking alongside you going forward. Thank you for the beautiful images and sharing your landscape and inspiration with us. Angela

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