GKT North West Group gathering at the Bullring Henge 31st July 2021

The Bullring Henge in Dove Holes in the Derbyshire White Peak District stands on a par with the more famous Arbor Low stone circle, allbeit without the stones (which were probably stolen in the 17th century!). Dating from the same era, it is a similar size and orientation and even has a companion barrow like Arbor Low, but its location couldn't be more different-in the middle of the village near to the busy A6 trunk road, backing on to one of the largest stone quarries in the area. Over the years it suffered badly from damage, neglect and nearby development but in recent times it has become more appreciated as a community asset and now presents a much tidier site.

Our group met at mid day with a plan to pilgrimage to the Henge. We spent some time orienting ourselves and the Henge within the wider landscape, noting its position at the confluence of 3 valleys. It would have originally commanded an important position.

We were careful to introduce new GKT members to the way of pilgrimage with GKT- introducing ourselves to the luminous nature beings and to the Gatekeeper. We then approached via a winding path from the south. We wandered at will around and through the Henge and together were drawn to a single willow tree near the middle of the Henge which didn't appear to be thriving-hardly surprising given the relatively shallow soil on the limestone platform. At an energetic level, though, we discerned that the tree was suffering a lack of connection with other trees around the Henge (most at least 50+m away) and to the wider higher landscape. We spent some time in 2 sessions seeking to help the tree make the connections and we hope that our efforts will secure the tree going forward.

After completing our work at the Henge we sealed ourselves and the site and made our exit to the east. We descended into a small limestone valley running N-S parallel to the site. A beautiful way to end our day-a profusion of wild flowers, Gatekeeper butterflies (and others) galore, and young cows to keep us company as we emerged onto a local road, thanked the nature beings, and made our way back to the village.

My thanks to the group for their support on the day-we plan more gatherings over the months ahead over the NW.

Mike Newton NW Group Contact

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