Wheel of Life day in Beccles and Barsham, Norfolk

We had an exceptional "Wheel of Life" day on the Equinox last Friday 22nd September 2017. The sun shone on us as we walked along the Angles Way in Beccles from St Michaels Church and along the river Waveney for about 2 miles, stopping to sing and to check where we were on the Michael line.

Then after a break for refreshments, we went to the Church of the Hoy Trinity in Barsham for a sung meditation with Anam Cora, and to see the famous Equinox Illumination, when the sun comes through a tiny window in the back of the church and lights up figures on the rood screen for approximately 15 minutes.

Inside the church we had no idea if the sun was still shining, but at the appointed moment the singing stopped. As we sat and waited, for what seemed like several minutes, suddenly a golden glow came over the figure of Mary on the rood screen! Starting on her right side and moving to her heart and head. It got stronger and stronger, till it lit up the figure of Jesus to her left, and through the screen to a gold cross on the alter behind. Then it very gradually moved away. We couldn't have asked for a more spectacular "showing". It was very moving. The singing began again gently with "Adoramus te O Christe" in parts and we ended with everyone singing together, a Russian Peace chant and Sine Alelu from Ireland.

Caroline Weatherby

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